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“Not“ secrets of Success of Google

Hi, Dobri day, Pryvet, Salam, Merhaba well and bourgeois almost already native Hi.

I think, you already understood that this article will be about comprehensive Google which is familiar to all. But it will not be the next rewriting of their history of success in which it will be told how two guys made “ revolution “ in the world of IT - technologies and td …

In this article I will consider not history, namely the reasons of success. It is natural that at an angle positioning. Some reasons are so simple and ingenious that are noticeable and clear to all at the intuitive level. Some are noticeable, only if to dig more deeply.

Well. Let`s begin …

the Reason 1. “ Make a start from what already is in consciousness of consumers “

You sometime looked narrowly at selection of flowers in a logo of Google? Blue, green, yellow, red.

And now remember the " logo; empires of evil “ Microsoft. Blue, green, yellow, red.

Never thought of it? Why and What for? What role?

Perhaps, even those two guys did not think of it when they were engaged in creation of a logo. Now it will already hardly manage to be learned. But they precisely hit the mark when made a logo such what it is. They made a start from what already was in consciousness of consumers.

In consciousness of consumers was Xing - it is green - is yellow - a red window. The logo similar in coloring to something already familiar, easily drew attention of audience, than others, the colourful, difficult, antler, thought-up by different designers creative producers so-called logos.

I will not even be surprised if at the very beginning of formation and strengthening of Google, people the first time got on the website considered that it is Microsoft`a product. Even in images on the websites, in logos of the programs they use a combination from these flowers.

But it is not the most important, in my opinion, reason of success of Google. Without wasting words, water and chatter we will pass to the following reason …

the Reason 2. “ If there is no free commodity category, then create it “

I think, all of you read articles or watched the movie about history of success of Google. Therefore I will not repeat and retell to you everything that you already know, I will only remind that at the time of emergence of Google, in the market there was already quite a lot “ searchers “.

Which actually such were not any more, and were just banner platform. They forgot what means to be a searcher from capital letter. They in a pursuit of a profit mixed the name with g*vny and a way back it was not visible any more.

And what was made by Google? He reminded EVERYTHING that means to be a Searcher as it is honourable and it is prestigious to bear the proud name SEARCHER. Thereby having allocated from gray weight pseudo searchers.

How he made it? Yes it is very simple. On the main page of search there was nothing superfluous. Neither advertizing, nor banners, nor news, nor informers of weather and exchange rate, an other crap which if to be serious, is interesting, only at most to 1% of users by the searcher.

They just created the new category “ REAL SEARCHER “. But HE “ searcher between times “.

what naturally the audience very well responded to.

I am surprised by one. Even now, after time, some persistently continue to remain “ searchers between times “. Really life does not teach them? Well all right we will chuck in them. Let hollow the head a wall further.