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Devourers of time!

Hi, friends!

You sometime considered on what time in your business leaves. If is not present, then surely count, it will be interesting.

I periodically analyze the activity since I understood the value of time for a long time.

Sometimes I notice that very cold I talk to some candidates in hope for faster succession of events, and style of conversation prompts an internal voice. Decided to remember such people and to think why the internal voice does not love them (in 99 percent cases it appears the rights).

Here 5 categories of those candidates which can spend your time in vain:

1. Cool network sales managers which all know, usually the people who replaced several network companies it is possible even the having some results. Ask many questions, at the same time poorly perceive information, both from written, and from oral sources. Are very dangerous to beginners since. except time take away also emotions.

Purpose - to extort some counters. It is impossible to make it since the feeling of own importance closes a brain from new information. Never become partners - from experience.

2. Numbed sceptics people who look attentively at everything that catches sight to them. At the same time look through a lens darkly - gray color which passes only negative. Constantly extort any trifles, the " type; as far as the power of the signal accepted by the car will increase if to increase its speed by 2 km/h . Very much rejoice for themselves when do not receive the answer to the question.

The purpose - to have satisfaction from the fact that got to the core of one more their unworthy idea. God forbid to them to come to you to team, you will understand that before there were only florets.

3. Excessively careful as well as numbed sceptics they will ask the most different questions. Will look forward to hearing from you at the same time and to rejoice that everything is good. Then will surely ask - whether I will be able to make it? you do not deceive me? what guarantees? . Having received answers: If made one, then also another can Even if I deceive you whether I will tell about it in business of guarantees does not exist will be struck with your honesty, will tell that everything was pleasant and will leave to think for several years.

The purpose - to find the best opportunity in this life, something like a magic wand. Become partners extremely seldom, do not show an initiative, never become leaders and from business come back to work hired very quickly.

4. Whom I want I do not know, whom I know I do not want people who do not know what to them it is necessary, not only in business, but also in life in principle. At most what is capable to be thought up in response to the question What do you want to receive from business? - To Lead normal life. . Question What means to you to lead normal life? causes lag of system and a stupor.

The purpose - nobody knows. Never since I say goodbye to them after the phrase " become partners; Tell that you offer, and I will think that I want and whether your offer approaches. since conversation senseless.

5. Barin from the very first contact thinks himself diamond which everyone just is eager to catch. Without it business in principle will not develop and if you before it badly dance and sing, then he will not begin to cooperate and your life will not develop and business will never develop.

The purpose - to derive pleasure that they are persuaded is enticed, thereby, emphasizing the importance. Sometimes become partners, but only in case from the first contact to let know that to a center of the universe to them it is far.

Learn to distinguish them at once, then more energy will remain for normal candidates and partners.

Progress, Dmitry Zhilin.