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Vedmovstvo stands

Behind many signs and superstitions fear of a devil, evil spirits and witches. It is a big, separate subject to which the set of researches is devoted. The peak fear before allies of a devil reached in Europe in Dark centuries when people looked for a supernatural explanation for all could not be explained differently. Many were accused of a vedmovstvo for the fact that they used recipes of traditional medicine, others were betrayed painful death during the witch-hunt which fell on the Middle Ages only for the fact that they caused in someone envy, hatred or jealousy. Are afraid of witches even worldwide to this day, and it is simply amazing how many it is thought up charms, and at the different people charms often same. Many charms are listed in the relevant articles, is equal as the signs connected with a vedmovstvo. For more detailed acquaintance with this subject the reader should address special researches. the faith in witches was extended by

In the Russian tradition everywhere and which - where remained to this day. S. V. Maximov reports: In a spiritual verse... the soul of the witch who already finished the terrestrial existence as follows repents of the sins:

From korovushka a milk thawed, boundary Pro-boundaries a strip of a prozhinovyval, From a hlebushka washed an ergot. In this verse the total characteristic of evil activity of the witch as these three acts make special occupations of the women who decided to sell the soul to devils is given... If in the low-Russian steppes among witches young widows and besides, according to our great poet, such are very frequent that it is not a pity to give souls for a look of the beauty dark-browed in severe coniferous forests which sing not differently as in minor tone, playful and beautiful Little Russian witches turned into ugly old women... Great Russian witches ordinary mix with sorcerers and imagine precisely in the form of old, sometimes thick as the coil, women with uncombed gray-haired tousle, bony hands and with huge blue noses... Witches, in the general opinion, differ from all other women in the fact that have a tail (small) and own ability to fly by air on grind, pokers, in mortars, etc. They go to the dark affairs from the dwellings by all means through chimneys and as all magicians, can turn around in different animals, most often in forty, pigs, dogs and yellow cats... Knowing universal rural custom to give to cows of a nickname in compliance with those days of week when they were born, and it is equal also their habit to turn around on call, - witches easily use all this. Beckoning autofate and subbo - current they milk dry them to a last straw so cows after that come from the field such as though absolutely lost milk. .

In the same occasion (rather cow`s milk) I.P. Sakharov notices that witches on the greed sometimes even drink to excess stolen milk: Between poselyana there is an old belief that in day of Saints of Force and Siluyan (on August 12)... witches are struck. All this as if comes from the fact that they drink to excess milk... If the witch is struck, speak to the poselena, then will awaken nothing her. Burn down rather than a heel with straw; all business will take a turn for the better. Ours to the poselena would be very glad to see all of them the dead and that trouble: die terribly. It is more terrible to watch that a pas the witch when she is struck: under it and the earth shivers, and in the field animals howl, and from crows outside to a release is not present, and in a log hut everything stands still not. From such misfortune necessarily you will begin to straw yes to burn down heels. Old women say that witches after such awakening never touch cows any more and do not look at milk. Obliging sorcerers supply our countrywomen with the different medicines rescuing cows from attack of witches. Men know that such medicines not always help. Cunning witches are able to otkhazhivat them heels " back;.

Besides thefts of milk, the witch in Russia spoil people and a livestock, separate husbands from wives. M. E. Zabylin writes

: Night on Ivan Kupala is considered the most dangerous from attack of witches: householders take all measures to protect from them the cattle; they put a nettle in windows of log huts as the counteracting subject to a charodeystvo of witches, hang up the killed soroka on doors of sheds or prileplivat sretensky wax candles.

of the Witch make sorcery through plots and a nagovarivaniye of different herbs which they collect mainly on the night of Ivan Kupala. These herbs (a fern, a belogolovnik, a sage, plakun, a dope, a death`s head hawk, Ivan - yes - Marya, a thistle, a plantain, a wormwood and so forth) in hands of ordinary people have no such force, as in hands of witches: those, preparing from them ointments and rubbing them the body, can take at will forms of various animals... If to catch such witch - the werewolf and to beat her backhand with a wooden stake, then she by all means will take the real form. Interpret as if at this time the witch will refuse the craft...

Against sorcerers and witches used a grass a chernobylnik, a nettle and plakun... On January 18 witches have a holiday, and therefore people superstitious accept the sorcerer exactly at midnight to exorcise pipes, to hammer under knyazhek a stake, to fill on a zagnetka ashes from seven furnaces...

of Missile defense (witches) them say as well a lot of good: for example, say that witches gostepriy - chiva, are tender and good... They sometimes as women, are very timid. Speak to frighten the witch and to disarm her actions, it is necessary in that log hut where it is, in a cross of a window frame, in the jamb of doors serving as a crossbeam or in a bed, under a table, to thrust a knife, and the sorcerer will be subdued...

Krom of damage, the witch created love plots, and the dumped wives and the stopped loving girlfriends quite often asked them for the help. S. V. Maximov writes: By a vorozhea there will pass neither daring good fellows, nor fair maidens, nor the deceived husbands, nor jealous wives... No bald mountains, pi roadside rosstany are necessary, there is enough also rural zavalinkas that, learning intimate secrets, hard to work love spells and tops of the loving and grown cold hearts...

the man Loves foreign woman. The wife asks for suggestions.

- Look at a pas the yard where roosters fight, - the witch recommends, - take a handful on that place of a zemelka and strew it on a bed of your razluchnitsa. She will begin to squabble with your husband - and again he will fall in love with the law (i.e. wife).

For a prisukha of maidens is advised to bear under the left mouse within several days of a steering-wheel or gingerbreads and apples, of course, first of all supplied with slanders in which the major, secretly operating force is concluded.

Only the knowing and elected witches stir not on wind zagovorny words, and put in the told things what will heal, calm and console then, at will... Only proceeding from lips of witches, these words are valid to print others heart and to lock it, but also that only in that case when at the same time are available in hands: nagovorny korenye, hair of darling, scrap of his clothes, etc. Any promise is trusted and execute any order: enclose to young people a broom under sledge if wish that someone from them in the current year did not marry, burn his hair that it went the whole year as lost. If to stain to it an undergarment or a fur coat with mutton blood, then at all nobody will love it.

But the most effective means in love affairs is a mysterious mascot which is got from a black cat or from frogs. From the first, razvarenny to the last degree, it turns out a stone - the invisible being doing the person who owns it, by the invisible being... Get two from a frog stones - schastlivka with identical success employees as for the love spells, and the tops exciting love or causing disgust... These stones very easily are got: it is worth boiling down absolutely black cat in a kettle - and will turn out hook and fork or it is worth putting in an ant hill of two frogs to receive hook and shovel . Touch with a hook that which is wished to be attracted to themselves (or imperceptibly fasten it on a dress). A fork or a shovel push away from themselves her when she manages to bother or absolutely will grow hateful. A little at the same time it is required ceremonies and preparation is not especially difficult. From an ant heap it is necessary to leave back to front that the wood goblin could not catch up when goes to look for traces; then both traces will conduct in the wood, and from the wood the trace will not be. In other cases advise on 12 - ti nights in succession to go to that ant hill and to bypass it silently three times, only for the thirteenth night the similar treasure is given in hands... Failure comprehends only in that case when the marked-out maiden does not carry by the hook fastened to a dress on herself three weeks in succession...