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Swastika. The scolded symbols.

In 1921 on one public statement future Fuhrer of the Third Reich showed to attendees a flag with the put swastika. Hitler explained its value: a white circle on a red background - a symbol of purity and force of the great nation, a black swastika - an appeal to ruthless fight against Jews and communists. Thus it changed the true value of the Solar symbol of good. Never earlier the swastika was opposed to the Jewish star, and ancient Jews used it: the swastika sometimes was present at an ornament with their star of David. Actually, history of a swastika originates in depth of the millennia. The swastika meets practically in all ancient cultures. It made extremely positive sense. Generally emergence of a swastika is connected with Indo-Europeans. Separate symbols, a swastika - meandrovy borders and a grid arise on Neolithic era objects in Eastern Europe (squeezing and tripolsky cultures). Swastika it is considered to be as one of the main indicators of movements of the Indo-European people. Svastichesky symbols are considered as also main elements of the most ancient praslavyansky patterns. Any of the patterns made of svastichesky symbols in the ancient time was not put just like that: each component of a pattern had a certain cult or oberegovy value since. Any symbol had own mystic force. Having aggregated different mystic forces, white people surrounded themselves and the relatives with the favorable atmosphere in which the easiest to live and create. It were carved patterns, a stucco molding, a list, the fine carpets weaved by hardworking hands. The SWASTIKA at Slavs - Solar symbolics, or in other words, Solar symbolics that implies rotation of the Solar circle. Besides, word swastika means Heavenly Movement Sva - Heaven, the Tic - the Movement. Today more and more pressure upon application of a swastika increases, branding its fascist. Here so, in 13 years of deceptive use of this svastichesky symbol by fascist Germany, it still with pain is perceived by our people. Earlier the swastika accompanied our ancestors always and everywhere, from the birth before burial. Numerous excavation of archeologists only confirms it.