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Where we can learn English online?

More and more people feel need for studying of English, and, as we know, demand gives rise to the offer. However many, even understanding need of studying of language, do not hurry to get down to business. In many respects stir the stereotypes inspired by various sources of information. For example, a stereotype that for studying of language it is necessary to possess special abilities. Actually any person is capable to learn a foreign language, and even not one, without having any special gift. Now there is a huge choice of options of studying of English - on courses, private tutoring, audio - courses, self-instruction manuals and many other things. Even more often it is possible to come across the shouting promises to train in English for short terms, once and for all. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible. However any super - a technique it is not capable to enclose all English in the head for short term and to guarantee his knowledge for the rest of life. There are techniques which even in itself are not effective also intensity, cost and other factors of it will not correct. The training technique, a regularity and of course own efforts is important.

Is very important to choose that way of training which will suit studying. It becomes frequent a barrier in training a lack of time, but independent training on the Internet solves it, giving the chance to define the individual schedule of occupations. Is of course and fear of training, especially at adult age, or connected with proshly failures. Just you should not pay attention to it! It is not necessary to be afraid to learn a foreign language, irrespective of age, the current level and last experience! There are techniques which suit both adults and children.

Many linguists and teachers come to a conclusion that English is one of the most difficult languages for studying. In this language is words more, than in any the friend. One of the biggest dictionaries consists of 600 thousand words. Many, learning language at school or on special courses, coming to the English-speaking countries of a praktiyeska cannot communicate and understand. The real spoken language very much differs from the language taught according to standard programs. For this reason now one their most effective ways of training development of authentic content is. Why authentic? This only thing that will help to master a living language which speak carriers and to learn to understand the foreign speech.

opened on March 1 the service offering training in such technique - LinguaLeo. ru. The LinguaLeo service is created by talented team of the Russian children in Thailand. The atmosphere of the tropical country exerted impact on registration of the website and strategy of training of users. English is a jungle, and the pupil - their subjugator and the researcher. LinguaLeo of everyone invites in fascinating travel on the jungle of English. All way with the researcher of the jungle there will pass a personal pet - Lingualeo. It is an embodiment of the level studying and its personal rekomendator. Leo grows together with increase of level of English at the pupil, the daily care - food and trainings is necessary for it. And it eats exclusively English-speaking materials, new words and expressions. Having much gorged on, it needs to train all information obtained in a day. If to observe all recommendations and to daily feed Leo until he is sated, then he will grow, so and language level at the student will increase too. Besides at studying the strict motivation to regular trainings will remain, on service it will be waited by the pet for whom the care is necessary.

LinguaLeo Service. ru is based on 5 basic principles - constant motivation, perception of a living language visually and aurally, independent copying of an original pronunciation, an optimum regularity and intensity.

On this service are involved two ways of perception of language materials: hearing and sight. The mastering language catches sense, reads the text, listens to a sound and reproduces the English speech independently. In the near future the most correct will develop and close to original a pronunciation. Such effect cannot achieve, being engaged with the ordinary tutor of the house. Besides on service it is possible to choose materials from the interesting sphere: music, cinema, policy, show - business and so on.

On the website can find the whole collection of video, audio - entries and texts in the original. Clips, rollers, the presentations, reportings, audiobooks - all in English.

All content is easily filtered and sorted by a format, complexity level, volume and the interesting subject. Each user can add the content to the Jungle - a collection of English-speaking content. During reading of the text there is an opportunity to transfer unknown words to one click and to see the translations of the whole phrases, allocating them in the text.

Near the text is created the contextual dictionary of the translated words and phrases (service uses the statistical user dictionary - the translator).

New words and phrases are included in the personal dictionary together with a context of their use. For strong storing there are three levels of the exercise machine of words. After passing of the first level of the word get on the second, and then on the third, and after it are strongly remembered and fill up a lexicon.

For convenience of work is an opportunity to mark the page as it is mastered . It helps to find easily where stopped, to repeat the mastered content or to choose new.

On each LinguaLeo page is so-called compass . He prompts methodology of studying of language and gives advice on use of functionality of service. Service counts activity on development of content and words, passing of exercise machines also fixes statistics in magazine of development . Also he shows progress and predicts srokdostizheniye of target level.

according to more than 1000 users from the moment of service opening, it is already possible to draw a conclusion that LinguaLeo. ru offers really breakthrough approach to studying of English online!