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How to draw a quadrille, heat and love? (Evgeny Shibanov`s pictures)

Quadrille my warm...
Pictures E. Shibanova - desperately, stridently Russians. Its rural landscapes bewitch the deepest soil color. And color scale at them unusual. But their main udivitelnost - in the movement, and even, I would tell, in spinning.

If to compare to music, then its landscapes are a quadrille. Touching, ridiculous, carrying away on a spiral... The cart and a fence dance, dance buckets at the grandmother on a yoke, are skipping carried away on a house slope. The blizzard turns in shaman dance. Curl in a cloud spiral.

Is undoubted, gray-haired sverchkoveda still will write tons and megabytes of articles about a strange, dizzy manner of the letter of Shibanov... And with skill, with the corresponding terms and with an explanation of specifics of material a hardboard. I know only one: if long to consider these pictures (especially, of course, in large option) - the head begins to be turned.

On a pink horse...
As if I spring booming will wound

Galloped on a pink horse...

- it is clear to all that a horse in this poem of the singer of the Russian village Yesenin - not pink. It is white, and by pink it is done by a morning dawn. And we see this penetrating pink color at Shibanova - the sunlight literally floods the viewer. Pictures are filled with light. They shine from within, and it seems that they can be hung up in the darkish room as an additional light source.

the Artist wonderfully connects legal accuracy to feeling of unreality, we look at the world through his pictures as if having blinked eyes towards to a bright sun...

At the same time in pictures there are a lot of cold tones - blue, violet, it is gray - steel. What in combination with warm pink and green - creates very distinct feeling of mixture of heat and a sharp fresh cool which is so characteristic of Central Russian summer morning.

Is surprising it - some pictures as if are drawn ONLY in the color, without line in general. But who saw these winter fogs and a play of light in the air full of frosty dust, that will understand, learns and will exclaim - yes as I - that did not see earlier it! Even without being afraid that will remind him about the well-known bridges on the Thames in lilac fog which the mankind saw only after the Artist specified by it!

the Wide manner of the letter of Shibanov, only slightly designating images and forms, creates in consciousness of the viewer that feeling of the exciting summer, a severe prickly blizzard, early morning - disturbing twilight before evening...

My dear old men
Portraits deserve separate research, but in the short review it is possible to tell that the main thing in them - love.

Remarkable grannies with a yoke, the thoughtful old man with a cat is not conditional characters and - la ryussk Cossack and absolutely living people. And even quite satirical little men who fell asleep about an ustatka and not evsh anywhere - the artist does not judge them and does not pronounce sentences, he speaks to us: here they are such different, my people, but they my, our. And all of them - are interesting, and everyone is the whole world...

Uncommon expression, sharply individual is localized in drawings of people. Landscapes at it it is finished are fine, people - a reason for love irony or a regret, but without condemnation. His picture Victory Day moves almost to tears even the most unsentimental viewer - lovely, ridiculous and such native old men, they have familiar big tired-out hands, and a little confused festive persons too. And you remember, old, - the old man swaggers - as main expressed gratitude to you? Yes, there was a business. Yes we and now still though where! - Oh and all right to you, boaster old the Artist tremblingly writes

the characters and does not hesitate of it at all, and it is not a template, not the plakatnost is a love.

of the Person uncommon expression
That you tell me - Van Gogh , Van Gogh . It is possible to think. Even it is absolutely unlike. Van Gogh has large dabs, fat, convex, and at Shibanova - as if a needle protsarapanny, or winter prickly wind. Or a frost - on glass. And colors not such - at Van Gogh without it is disturbing - yellow anywhere, and here yellow at all is almost not present, and all blue, violet and pink on green yes green on pink.

That? Matisse ? Well not without that. But besides - your flat Matisse, though the genius, and here such volumes, such depth, and, above all - such wind! Here tell honestly: Matisse has wind? It has no wind. And heat such, almost physically notable - unless at Saryan . Here Saryan has heat, even a heat. And at Shibanova , of course, where warmly and where and it is frosty. So it also is logical - where Saryan and where Shibanov . You want to bring in the apartment hot the Armenian stones which are warmly heated on the sun - buy Saryana. And you want imperceptible Russian our warmly incorrect summer, you want key cold freshness of summer morning, you want a prickly wooliness of winter Russian - take Shibanov`s , you will not be mistaken. the Animated landscapes - differently also you will not tell

... And the brush of the artist is also recognized, as well as brushes of the famous classics.

And we will look... And to rejoice.