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How to choose a profession?

Choice of profession are a difficult task.

In life it is always difficult to b to make a right choice, in particular, if it is about choice of profession. And concept right choice very relatively... The fact that it seems correct today can be the incorrect decision tomorrow. And from that, how correctly we will choose for ourselves this or that profession, our life, its success depends in some degree.

From what it is worth making a start at the choice of this or that profession?

At choice of profession should make a start from the principle what you most of all like to be engaged in, and continue to be engaged in that . In other words, it is necessary to be engaged in what is pleasant. For example, if to you to liking travel, communication with new people, - think what work includes these components. If several professions came to your mind at once which would assume business trips, communication with new people, write out them on a sheet of paper and once again analyse each profession separately (write out all its pluses and minuses, its relevance today, a demand in the future). So it will be simpler to you to make a choice.

If you have many hobbies and it is difficult for you to stop on something one, act by contradiction - write out all in what you would not would like to be engaged for anything that just enrages you to what you have no abilities at all. Further write what abilities, in your opinion, are available for you to what sciences there are tendencies what sciences more impose you and why what sciences will be actual in the near future. Having decided on this or that sphere, think as whom you could work within this sphere what work would be more interesting to you.

If you are convinced that on light there are so many professions about which you are and) know nothing)
know superficially, in) are not sure whether they personally suit you (i.e. there is an opinion and suddenly is that it is necessary for me! ) not the sin to use services of the psychologist who would test you means, defined to what you definitely have tendencies and what it is better not to undertake at all. So, knowing the strengths, you can safely master this or that profession.

On what you should not turn attention at choice of profession? As often parents advise

to us to stop the choice on this or that profession. With it it is necessary to be accurater, parents can recognize from and) what they did not manage to carry out in the life (they, for example, dreamed to become the journalist, the doctor, and became the economist), ) what is profitable today (the principle no matter, that the child, maybe, also does not like a profession, but will feed him ) in) own experience (the principle itself I work in this sphere and I know how it is difficult. Let though it will be easier for the child .

Children should not impose the choice, subsequently it can pour out in a dissatisfaction with own life and in a depression.