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How to automate process of delivery of the information goods to the end user? New service of partner programs.

This article is intended for authors of the training courses and in it the speech about how to automate process of delivery of the products to the end user will go.

Record of a videocourse, the Internet - marketing, development of design of a disk and design of a cover, creation of the selling website - all this is already done, and here the long-awaited moment of the first order. Several months of work behind that now?

Until recently there were only two opportunities to deliver the infoprodukt to the end user.

The first option is an opportunity to download infoprodukt after payment.

Pluses of this way. He allows to make sales on an automatic pilot and at all does not demand from you any participation. And at this way quite simple technical realization.

Minuses. This way deprives of the developer of a videocourse of about 70 - 90% of clients. It is connected also with even insufficient prevalence payment the Internet - systems, and also with suspiciousness of potential buyers that is not surprising taking into account that how many various roguish projects in the RuNet were, is and how many still will appear.

The second option is an independent record, the press of polygraphy and sending disks.

Pluses. You do not lose clients from - for inconveniences of payment methods and delivery.

Minuses. Your business will demand your CONTINUOUS participation and permanent, everyday work on record of disks, the press on disk surfaces, the press of a cover, circulation in post office, filling of all documents on each sent disk, I do not speak any more about turns which you should defend by mail to send EACH parcel post with your training videocourse. Of course, over time you will be able to employ people who will undertake part of this work, but anyway you should work anyway constantly instead of just counting the money received in the form of the residual (passive) income.

There is also an opportunity to order the press at once of party of disks, but it does not cancel work with mail, besides, it is not obligatory that all your disks will be on sale or, on the contrary, you will have more orders, than you ordered to print disks, and you will not be able just to send them to the clients, and will read then dear comments on you in various forums and blogs, from people to whom you did not send the ordered goods.

How to be beginning the Internet - to the businessman? A set of really remarkable videocourses on creation and advance of own infoprodukt for some reason modestly suppress this party of work. Probably, because it is routine, everyday and, perhaps, the heaviest party of work in infobusiness of which it is practically impossible to get rid, to be exact was impossible until recently.

But today you had a possible alternative. I speak about new service which undertakes all efforts on acceptance of payments on the website, to creation of the partner program, search of partners for it, and also of the PRESS AND SENDING DISKS by MAIL , in particular for cash on delivery.

So, let`s understand what service is?

Service is called Glopart, initially provided only services in acceptance of payments and implementation of the partner program, now it is also the beautiful platform for search and placement of new infoprodukt in a network.

If you the author of digital goods (audio - or a videocourse) everything is very simple: you add the goods, you establish the size of the commission and you receive references for placement on the website. Service automatically generates a link for sale of your goods (the reference of transition to the page of payment) and the reference to the partner program. Add them on the website and begin to earn.

If you are ready to join service as the PARTNER, i.e. to sell someone else`s goods, everything that it is necessary for you - it is to be registered, choose the pleasant goods from the catalog and to post the simple reference at itself on the website, the blog or a forum.

Besides, any registered user of service has an opportunity to earn from advance of the service.

Well and now most important, in our opinion, advantage of this service. An opportunity to send physical goods (CD/DVD disks) mail became for quite some time now available! Came true, at last!

Just think, now you do not need to adjoin to post service and delivery in general. It is enough to register the account on this service. Further it is necessary to fill in the application for coordination. After moderation, you send originals of the disks and all printing materials by mail (or an electronic way) to the service address. Further, at sale of your goods the possibility of the order cash on delivery appears. That`s all! Your further participation in sale of a videocourse is limited to receiving money. The statistics of all orders is conducted in your private office. If the goods are bought on an advance payment, the earned means at once appear on the account. In case of delivery by cash on delivery, means are enlisted after payment and delivery of goods.

In principle, emergence of such service was predetermined, sooner or later someone had to undertake replication and sending of disks.

The press of covers, packing in the special packages and boxes ensuring safety of disks, and also all expenses with sending goods and receiving a postal order will be done now for you by experts of the Glopart service. As they say in one all to the known advertizing: Dreams come true .

From minuses it should be noted only that, as well as any other work, this work also demands payment, i.e. for each disk sent by mail service takes away from payment the fixed sum for rendering the services.

I think, for many people ready to create the infoprodukt now, the last obstacle in a way to creation own the Internet - business is destroyed.

And still, do not think that if your product is not interesting to most of buyers, you will not be able to sell it. In confidence we will tell you that the products interesting to all buyers, are practically not on sale, and here niche goods are on sale much better.

Dare, at you everything will turn out, especially now when it is necessary to apply a minimum of efforts to successful work and at last there was an opportunity to organize the business so that it became on the present the passive income which is not demanding from you any additional expenses of time and forces. All your efforts will be single now, once made and gain income.