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Complex conservative treatment of patients with osteochondrosis of lumbar department of a backbone of

Treatment of patients with osteochondrosis of a backbone has to be formed on knowledge of pathogenesis of a disease and take in attention not only a stage of development of pathological process, but also individual clinical manifestations, and also compensatory opportunities of an organism. Principles of complex therapy of osteochondrosis:

- the early beginning;

- the sparing purposeful nature of therapeutic influences;

- complexity;

- a continuity;

- timeliness.

At stages of carrying out rehabilitation and medical actions at this category of patients an important point is elimination of pain.

Medical mode. At once it is necessary to provide with sick osteochondrosis rest for decrease in load of a backbone and relaxations of paravertebralny muscles. For this purpose priznachat 3 - 5 dnevny bed rest. Then use physical and posturalny exercises, massage. Training of patients in receptions of a post-isometric autorelaksation, carrying orthoses (belts, corsets) is expedient. Temporarily exclude the certain types of activity increasing the mechanical pressure upon a backbone: long stay in a sitting position without support, rise in weight in a pose " crane;. Patients are trained correctly to lay down and get out of a bed.

Manual therapy. After sharp pains, perhaps, application of methods of the sparing manual therapy, the functional blocks directed to mobilization and a relaxation of muscles, elimination in case of need that promotes reduction of antalgichesky scoliosis, to increase in volume of movements in poyasnichno - sacral department of a backbone. Also widely use (FEAST) a post-isometric muscular relaxation as an integral part of manual therapy. But if there is no effect after 2 - 3 sessions it is necessary to refuse manual therapy.

Physical therapy. In complex treatment of patients with osteochondrosis of lumbar department of a backbone along with these methods widely use physiotherapeutic methods.

Physiotherapeutic methods possess a certain universality of influence on the main displays of an illness and are characterized by the specificity allowing is directed to influence not only certain links of a patologenez, but also sanogenetichesky reactions of an organism.

trofiko - generative, antiedematous, anti-inflammatory, soothing, spazmolitichesky effect apply a low-frequency variation magnetic field lasting 30 - 40 min. To achievement, intensity 20 - 35 mtl, with a frequency of 50 Hz. For the purpose of improvement of blood circulation in fabrics of the struck segment appoint a darsonvalization or ultratonoterapiyu.

Widely apply a medicinal electrophoresis. Galvanic current, changing skin temperature, provokes quantitative and high-quality distribution of a ratio of ions, with prevalence near the cathode of monovalent cations, and near the anode - bivalent anions. Besides, under the influence of galvanization activity of the main inorganic ions at the expense of a raising of quantity of free ions improves, and also changes kislotno - alkaline balance that promotes increase of metabolic activity of fabrics. This mechanism can be considered also from a position of the stimulating galvanization action. When using galvanic current the metabolism accelerates, there is a regeneration optimization, acceleration of carrying out impulses on nervous cages. Change of excitability of nervous fibers promotes reduction of painful sensitivity of receptors of tissues of the person. At this category apply to an electrophoresis:

- the anesthetizing and analgeziruyushchy substances (2 - 5% solution of analginum, 2 - 3% solution of novocaine, 2 - 5% lidocaine solution);

- the preparations improving a condition of microcirculation (5% solution of a komplamin, 1 - 2% solution of acid of nicotinic, 2% solution of a pentoksifillin);

- sulfur-containing preparations (2 - 5% solution of an unitiol, 3 - 5% Ichthyol solution);

- vitamins (0,5 - 1% solution of ascorbic acid, B1, B12); Biostimulyatora`s

(FIBS, an aloe, a mud extraction, dirt, pelodeks, peloidin, gumizol)

Thus as shows experience, complex conservative treatment of patients with osteochondrosis of lumbar department of a backbone with application of the above-stated methods of therapy allows to receive positive results and to achieve permanent remission of a disease.