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How to prepare the Russian Russian cabbage soup?

Russian cabbage soup - the same firm symbol of Russia as black bread, a samovar and Hey, we will fall a cropper! . The Russian culture and history are impregnated with shchany spirit. He added cosmopolitan Byzantine spirituality aroma of national Russian originality.

Former glory

Authoritative sources testify: Russian cabbage soup is known in Russia at least since the 9th century. The cabbage imported from Byzantium together with Christianity was fallen in love to Slavs for a possibility of creation of compromise option between pagan passion to gluttony and need to observe church posts. Initially vegetarian cult dish turned almost into a physiological habit. In days meat eater cabbage stewed fruit began to be connected to meat, and at times and fish broth. The Father will bother, and Russian cabbage soup - never! - there was a saying in the patriarchal Russian environment where the attitude towards the parent, it is necessary to tell, it was always trembling - valid...

What Russia without Russian cabbage soup? The same that Egypt without pyramids! Lomonosov in Marburg dreamed them in an environment raznosolny German miscellanea . Fonvizin with fastidiousness rejected dirty napkins of the Italian public catering, marveled to the vile povayena latinyan also grieved for fast Russian cabbage soup. Did not hesitate to admit that prefer to all viands Russian cabbage soup, both Peter I, and Alexander III, and Nicholas II. Suvorov, except a militaristic aphorism The Bullet - the silly woman, and a bayonet - well done! it is memorable also a peace maxim Russian cabbage soup yes porridge - our food! what, by the way, was also adopted by the subsequent generations of army quartermasters. In a word, Russian cabbage soup, but not vodka or a fight represent classics of the Russian table.

Here there is the Russian spirit! Here smells of Russia! - the poet exclaimed, meaning, of course, the Russian national dish. But whether it is admissible Pushkin delight to correlate to the present ineptly cooked cabbage soup?! And in times others invited to Russian cabbage soup of guests...

To return to Russian cabbage soup former glory, it is not obligatory to be enough in a hand a bast shoe, to water the head with lampadny oil and to ryaditsya in a kosovorotka. It is enough to restore culinary traditions. They guarantee pleasure and long patriotic aftertaste.

Basic skills

Experts contain 24 variations on the subject " Russian cabbage soup;. Rich and empty, rakhmanny and rassadny, green and krapivny, fast, meat, repyany, daily and eaten on the same day Ineradicable shchany the spirit will forever discourage to collect recipes Swedish mokktertelsup or Italian to the minestrena.

Main components of national pride of members of the party Great Russia: cabbage (fresh or fermented), meat (beef brisket is preferable), korenye (traditional garden food: carrots, parsley and a celery), spices (greens of parsley, a celery, fennel, onions, black pepper, garlic and bay leaf), sour gas station (as a rule, a cabbage brine, but in the absence of that antonovka, a sorrel are quite often used) and indispensable zabelka : sour cream or its more refined mix with cream.

Preparation of any dish demands certain basic skills. And Russian cabbage soup not an exception. The cabbage which is habitually chopped by straws does not suit for Russian cabbage soup. Too much precious juice is lost at such processing. And water you will not compensate it. Centimetric cubes, and only! The maximalism of this statement is obtained from authoritative sources and own practice.

Onions gas station is entered twice. The first time together with meat. And repeatedly - already with cabbage.

Peeling potato - though Russian cabbage soup requires at most couple of tubers, - are not lazy to cut out eyes and do not leave a tear of a brown peel. Russian cabbage soup will be hopelessly spoiled by smack of the earth.

Never wash meat warm water! If your natural cleanliness demands to wash not only hands, but also meat, be limited to its rinsing under a cold stream. And here veins, films, a lilac brand of a sanepidstantion - the word, all that does not promote even to visual pleasure ruthlessly cut off.

The main composition It is created by

rather simply. Fill in with water of kilograms of good beef brisket or a rump. Throw carrots, a half of the prepared backs of parsley, a celery, a bulb there and safely start the subsequent acts as all this will cook not less than two hours. Do not forget that foam should be removed regularly, and hour through one and a half - to salt broth, to throw a razvarenny bulb in a garbage can, and to leave korenye and carrots or at desire to send after a bulb. Masters - culinary specialists demand obligatory filtering of ready meat broth. But this recommendation, seems to me, influences one esthetics more, than taste of Russian cabbage soup.

Put about a kilogram of the wrung-out sauerkraut in a clay pot (it is possible to replace with a chugunok or the enameled pan). Fill in with a half of liter of boiled water and add two - three tablespoons of butter. Close a cover and put on small fire in already heated oven. Continue to weary cabbage until until it becomes soft and pliable.

Throw into a stewpan five - six dry cepes, a chetvertovanny potato, fill in with two glasses of water and put to cook. When water begins to boil, cut mushrooms straws and send to cook again.

At last the moment of reunion of all prepared ingredients in one pan where turnip, a new portion of the onions cut in small cubes and the remained korenye whipped in small noodles is added comes. Minutes through five greens of parsley, a celery, the mashed black pepper, couple of laurel leaves and salt are put. And it is necessary to cook Russian cabbage soup only half an hour! Before removing a pan from fire, throw into it a generous hand of the sower istolchenny garlic and a bunch of the crushed fennel. Put for half an hour in moderately heated oven to reach the necessary standard. A quite good overtone of this symphony largely cut salty mushrooms added directly to plates will sound.

Also begin to eat Russian cabbage soup with Zabelite, having served a table chunks of black bread. And other is not required!

Simple options

Having got acquainted with the basic principles of preparation rich " Russian cabbage soup; it will be so easy to apprehend nuances of other composition. So, for example, if you the Tolstoyan or the adherent of orthodox traditions, prepare Russian cabbage soup fast. Everything prepares as well as in the first case, but meatless. And there is a sense the cabbage which is already softened in an oven before a bookmark in Russian cabbage soup carefully to grind with the flavored oil which will impact to a simple vegetarian dish additional relish.

Aromatic gas station extremely simply becomes. Vegetable oil is warmed up (but it is not heated!) in a stewpan or on a frying pan. Davleny seeds of a coriander, an anise and fennel, shchepot greens of a celery and parsley are added to it.

Lack of sauerkraut fact, undoubtedly, sad. But at all not an occasion to refuse preparation of Russian cabbage soup. Weld Russian cabbage soup rakhmanny, or lazy where sourcrout is replaced fresh, and you will understand that this really universal dish, worthy not only persistent recommendations, but also eloquent verbosity.