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How to raise happy and successful children who love and respect you?

will pass the Seminar with such name on March 20 - 21, 2010 in Moscow. How to live with children in peace? Whether it is possible - to exist in common without the conflict of generations? On all earth children and parents by and large are identical. Both those, and at others sometimes have problems: at children - with parents, at parents - from them in the flowers of life . At school of a problem, the house conflicts...

With children it is possible to live, without having stresses, in love and a consent - the consultant for paternity questions, the author of books about education of the children devoted to parents, the cofounder of the " magazine claims; Converge teacher and consultant, father of three remarkable, already adult daughters, Bernard Percy.

Mister Percy intends to share the knowledge with parents who are interested in growing up the children happy, having own purposes, able to live in a consent with others at a seminar for the parents having children aged from 5 years.

At a seminar wait for you not only interesting lectures, you will also be able to practise application of the gained knowledge to be convinced of their working capacity. The truth only what is the truth for you and not that try to impose to you or what try to convince others of. The ways only checked by practice and yielding result - what will be given you at a seminar. Only check in practice personally you effectiveness of this knowledge, and also in life the relations between you and your children are capable to make the subsequent their application it is better.

Uniqueness of a seminar consists also that you will be able to try to apply the recommendations accepted by you in the second day of a seminar to own children. Mister Percy will be present at this practical training and will be able to answer your questions, to correct actions if it turns out suddenly that the theory is beautiful and clear, and in practice to carry out something with own children it appears difficult or something is impossible.

The seminar especially is valuable and interesting that at it questions which disturb many parents, but on which you will infrequently meet the reasonable and practical answer will be considered (and not just vast philosophical reasonings about correct and wrong). How to bring up the child so that he did not need to be controlled constantly? Whether it is necessary to control children in general? Eventually, the child has to be capable to bear responsibility for the acts and the life, but not to be the tool in someone`s hands.

How not to break its integrity, not to suppress, or to develop internal motivation and commitment? How to help to find the purpose to the child, his purpose, own, but not imposed to him by someone from the outside? All of us different and very important happens to understand and work with interests and abilities of your child.

How to define when to give to the child the chance independently to make decisions and when it is necessary to insist on the? How to overpersuade the child what in a concrete situation it is necessary to arrive as you speak, but at the same time not to violate the right of the child for self-determination? To us it is important that the child learned to make independent and reasonable decisions, but not just stubborn insisted on the. And so far we with the child - it is important to be able to grant him an option, at the same time without leaving him to the mercy of fate, and controlling process of its spiritual growth, its growing. To us it is very important that our children really loved and understood us, but not because it is their debt to parents .

You think, it is talent which is given not all and which is given only from above? Good news consists that it not so! You can learn it! In the same way as you can learn to be the good doctor or the skillful player in chess, it is possible to learn to be the good parent. Perhaps, for parents will sometime open special schools and even to issue diplomas. But now you can learn many practical decisions from the subjects designated above, having visited Bernard Percy`s seminar.

Except that mister Percy reads such seminars worldwide and advises parents, he is also the author of books and numerous and publications among which How to grow up the child councils of children to parents Help the child with " school; The amazement Moments - how to become the best father and others. More than 20 years he is the Representative of the international Applied Education.

Mister Percy already visited Russia in 1993 - met the leading teachers and persons forming public opinion in the field of education, representing Applied Education. He acted in library at the Moscow university, at university of Telecommunications in Moscow and in other places, representing technology of training.

Now it also provides services within the " program; Genius Basis which is aimed at helping people of any age to define the field of education and to choose for itself future profession . The program helps to formulate the purposes in life , to open inspiration for occupations with favourite business - both in the field of a hobby, and in the field of professional activity.

A little more information on the forthcoming seminar can be obtained on the website of Applied Formation of the CIS. But if you want to seize practically art to be a good parent, to raise happy and successful children, without having at the same time stresses - welcome to a seminar on March 20 - 21, 2010 to Moscow!

Bernard Percy, as well as any American, of course speaks English. So except building relations in a family, a remarkable opportunity to communicate to the native speaker is represented to you (or at least to listen to the speech; you will be able to understand it because at a seminar there will be a qualified translator). We are sure that these days will remain with you in memory not only as pleasant memories, but also will bring benefit to you and your relatives.

Love to you, happiness and mutual understanding!