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Cherry Tiggo - the Chinese tiger of

of Cherry Tiggo appeared in the Russian market for a long time. On the outlines he reminds the laid-off previous Toyota model - PAB4. PAB4 the car known for the unpretentiousness and reliability, and here is how the situation are with his Chinese relative?

If to compare at the price, then of Cherry Tiggo out of competition. Literally in 400 500 thousand rubles it is possible to receive the SUV, plus the additional equipment for the sum. But as practice even the wisest of us can make a mistake shows. At the majority of Cherry Tiggo at departure from salon during the subsequent several honeycombs kilometers of run brakes can already refuse. The reason is banal - the system is quitted by brake fluid. And there is it because during pre-sale preparation, plastic flaps fix self-tapping screws. And for the frequent master penetrate brake hoses or the hose can be cut with a keen edge of the flap. The matter is that from plant of the producer plastic protection comes separately from the car, soldered in one set demanding preliminary cutting on elements.

The generator which can fail at the most inappropriate moment in the silliest way can become the following headache for owners of Cherry Tiggo. The counter of fastening of a wire can is banal to fly from the socket on any hummock. The charge lamp at the same time does not light up. That the most interesting, original PAB4 also does not know such problem. In guarantee workshops are familiar with this problem, and eliminate it without altercations.

Salon is made of quite worthy materials. During the movement of a scratch from it you will not hear, but here the noise isolation demands additional completion.

the Suspension bracket to similarly Japanese option perfectly copes with a relief of the Russian roads. But sometimes and the suspension bracket demands service. Cost is higher than it average, on cars, similar on a class, as it is surprising if to remember the price for Cherry Tiggo.

At the all-wheel drive Cherry Tiggo version it is also possible to receive as a gift upon purchase additional vibrations during the movement. It is not a problem of concrete copies, but a congenital illness of this Cherry Tiggo option.

Cherry Tiggo is the choice of the car owner limited in finance and ready to close eyes to some defects.