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What flour to choose for pancakes?

do not yawn, the people, soon Maslenitsa, but it is not rather simple to mix flour, yeast and milk. Preparation elementary only at first sight a dish the sheer torture

Flour demands the most serious relation

is an irreplaceable only component without which you will not make pancakes. But flour happens the different. Wheaten, needless to say, most widespread. Do pancakes on all continents of it, such even penguins tried - our polar explorers lure them, the known history.

In those few countries where buckwheat is called buckwheat, but not kasha, pancakes from buckwheat flour were popular couples centuries ago. Trouble only that it is as good to do them as then, today very few people are able. As far as buckwheat is good for allergic persons, so it is bad for pancakes. There is no glutinosity in it at all therefore without wheat flour buckwheat pancakes cannot almost be baked unless tiny - and those all the same for certain will collapse.

So in the majority of recipes the ratio of wheat and buckwheat flour - at least 1:1, and is more often also than 2:1. Some sly fellows add starch to buckwheat pancakes, but it is easy to go too far in it, and then pancakes will begin to squeak funny in the course of chewing. The same, by the way, can happen also to pancakes from rice flour without any starch. Rice pancakes - a product whimsical and only of all pancake row which I prefer to buy ready. Well they houses do not turn out such thin and transparent. And too collapse. Though, of course, if very much to try In general if you want to do to

corn or rice pancakes by the principle of flat cakes - that is of the test which is rolled with a rolling pin, do two small testyany balls, flatten out, drip between them some nice oil (we will tell, sesame or peanut) and roll together. And then separate - and then each circle will turn out twice thinner than the thought most over hint.

Cornmeal can be added in wheat if it the most high milling. And that, what is larger, nevertheless is better to make boiled water or the boiling milk in advance.

Oat pancakes are fine in all options - and from ready porridge to which they added all required rich set (here not to do without butter, unless in a post) and yeast; and thin pshenichno - oat pancakes from the flakes ground in the coffee grinder. And if there is also oat bran, then pancakes turn out in a small brown tochechka and not just tasty, but also as Americans speak, guilt - free - without sense of guilt for excess fatty deposits. However, wheat flour can be taken with bran too, wholegrain - only such pancakes are not really loved by old grandmothers and small children if you did not accustom them to it in advance.

Chickpeas flour, pea - a product quite difficult. You want to receive " pancakes; in a hole do not feel sorry for some yeast (the strong smell of yeast, by the way, strangely enough, is perfectly killed by a small amount of soda). But nevertheless it is better to do the thin, crackling pancakes in the Indian style of chickpeas flour. But it is capable to stick together anything. Ideal option if for any reasons you do not use some egg.

Separate history - pancake mix. A classical product for lazy. Stood on shelves even in those prehistoric times when there in principle nothing was late. Always surprised me - why it in general is called flour, but not structure powder or mix ? Probably, it for increase of a self-assessment - if you went to shop, bought torments and from it botch something, so you cost something as the strong business executive...

Well, and any flour pancakes easily turn in vegetable if at least a third of a basis makes, say, potatoes or carrots. But all this more oladyevy history - and about it separately.

A secret-service network In the English-speaking countries passion as various clever terms like to invent

. Here, say, for any ingredient which forces dough to increase in volume there is a term, in a literal translation - the lifting agent . Very much it is pleasant to me.

So-so also you represent how in the test little barmy agents in black glasses excite lazy flour molecules, pushing them in embraces of liquids, and those begin to grow as the snowball is not present, it is better than a snowball. In my opinion, to make barmy pancakes easier only. Because if you chose good yeast and did not kill them with boiled water or fat, they will make for you all work.

Classical barmy pancakes (especially buckwheat) become on a support: that is at first fresh yeast mixes with a small amount of flour, sugar and water, allows to rise; then enter other ingredients and the most part of flour - allow to approach a couple of hours; then add other flour, whites and bake. Still it is possible to pour over a support the boiling liquid - then pancakes will turn out scalded. The whole process, quickly you will not put. It is designed for ten guests, friends and beloved relatives. On the other hand, pancakes on yeast - heavy food, do not eat much.

A pleasant and successful celebration of the most cheerful holiday of February - Maslenitsa! Good luck!