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How emotions and diseases are connected?

Communication of diseases and character of the person

for anybody likely any more not a secret that diseases can arise from certain psychological problems, the hidden emotions. To the contrary, the condition of our body, physical health influences mood and character. The interrelation of emotions and diseases is adopted already not only any national Aesculapians, but also many famous psychologists. In modern science there is no clear understanding yet as the mental sphere influences matter. At the same time, declaration of close connection between character of the person and his diseases can be found in the most ancient treatises of the Ayurveda and the Chinese medicine.

In the Ayurveda health is also understood as a harmonious state not only a rough physical body, but also mentality, feelings (a thin body). At the same time the body, mind and consciousness have to be in balance among themselves. The large role is played here by the constitution of a body of the person, or quality of the nature (dosha) under the influence of which he is. So constitution type kapkha (slime) - inclined to completeness, inert, Pitt (bile) - vigorous, strong, " cotton wool; (wind) - thin, fast. Most often the person is under the influence of several qualities (Dosch) at once, some in bigger, some in a smaller measure. Having learned the congenital constitution of the body and mentality, we can build for ourselves a certain way of life which will keep a state Dosch in balance. If we do not monitor development of the character, to eradicate adverse effects Dosch and to cultivate useful, then we will acquire diseases.

So are connected with increase in cotton wool alarm, uncertainty, fear, nervousness, concern, confusion, grief and grief. The grief and grief are gradually expressed at the rough level in heart troubles and lungs. The fear can be reflected in a condition of kidneys, and nervousness - in a condition of a thick gut.

Debalanced Pitt causes anger, envy, hatred, ambition, competitive spirit, tendency to condemnation, a causticity, perfectionism and requirement to control a situation. The anger worsens a condition of a liver, hatred - a gall bladder. The domination of pita can generate stomach ulcer.

the Uncontrollable kapkha generates greed, attachment, feeling of a sobstvennichestvo, boredom, laziness and apathy. It causes obesity and all related problems. Excessive attachment negatively influences a condition of a spleen.

If not to control the feelings, they will be to debalance dosh, and those, in turn, will aggravate an emotional state further. The stress excites dosh and depending on the constitution of the person can create an imbalance of cotton wool, pita or a kapkha. People have cotton wool - type the states connected with cotton wool, for example alarm or fear can develop. At Pitt - individuals reaction to a stress can be shown in the form of anger, or they can have a hypertension, stomach ulcer with the increased acidity, ulcer colitis and other diseases of Pitt - type. Kapkh - individuals at a stress are inclined endlessly something is.

It is necessary to watch closely the emotions - to find what Dosch generated an imbalance and to try to eliminate it. The ordered daily routine, good food, positive emotions and kind relationship give strength and health. Vigils, the use of the low-nutritious or not suitable under the constitution food, frequent travel, an overload of mind or excessive stimulation of feelings, suppression of negative emotions, the unhealthy intense relations with other people - all this causes a stress in mind and a body. Besides, the toxins which are contained in food, water and air, excessive noise and a set of other factors of environment also generate an imbalance Dosch.

the First principle important at consideration of potential etiologies says: Similar increases similar . Everyone to Dosch is increased by those factors (food, weather, a season etc.) which possess qualities, similar to it. So, the dry food, dried fruits, run, jumps, continuous haste and too hard work excite in a vatu organism. The spicy or spicy food, fruits of a citrus, the fermented products (the products received as a result of activity of food enzymes, for example sauerkraut, cheese, tofu, soy sauce, wine, honey) and hot damp weather cause surplus of pita. Cold, cloudy and wet weather, dairy products, wheat and meat, and also a divergence increase a kapkha. For an equilibration of action of the principle similar increases similar the second principle is used: contrasts reduce or counterbalance each other . the Ayurveda recommends to

For elimination of influence of negative emotions on an organism the principle of contemplation. If we noticed emergence of negative thoughts, we begin to monitor their development as if from outside. We should not assume this sea of nervousness, but watch it from the coast of quiet mind. An identification of with the arisen feeling - a trap which generates further problems. If we do not understand the emotions and it is clear we do not realize their development from emergence before fading, they make harmful effects on appropriate authorities, causing a stress and creating defective space (khavaigunye) - the place of possible developing of future disease.

Modern psychologists in the majority try to solve emotional problems of people by means of positive thinking or self-hypnosis. It is attempt to change an identification of the person with negative feelings for an identification with positive feelings. But it does not solve a problem radically. In fact it is the same approach of treatment of symptoms, but not diseases. Without having understood the reason of these or those emotions, without trying to analyse the nature and a manner of behavior, we put on ourselves a positivity mask. And now our negative qualities are absent as if... Diseases of a body and feelings are given us to realize the mistakes and to change. Grant

, relationship can become one of the most important reasons of negative emotions.

Quite often we turn the personal relations into some kind of game and we put power pressure to operate other people. And then the relations become a battlefield, but not love bonds. When in the relations negative emotions, for example rancor, anger, fear, alarm or condemnation are shown, pay attention to these feelings. You do not judge others. If your spouse tells something why you feel offense or anger, listen to yourself to hear that tell you your thoughts and feelings. Be sincere - from sincerity clarity is born. When during crisis in the relations there is not enough clarity, feelings are quashed and communication stops, then the stress accrues and it becomes one of etiologies. The stress upsets our internal biochemistry, dosh are out of balance, and seeds diseases fall in a fertile field. Our relationship - between the husband and the wife, the brother and the sister, the parent and the child - has to be absolutely clear. Clarity of the relations gives rise to mutual understanding and compassion, and the compassion is a manifestation of love.