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What is PSR? About values of extreme tourism

Recently among acquaintances - tourists there are more and more talk: You go to PSR? The Team is ready to PSRAM? Tickets bought on PSRY? The Equipment was collected on PSR? ...

What is PSR?

If to hammer in the search engines PSR - 2010 the Internet will give a lot of references to the websites. And everything just appears: PSR is poiskovo - rescue operations.

Already in 21 - y they passed time in the territory of Greater Sochi from March 22 to March 28. This year competitions were given the status of the Championship of Russia on the combined tourism, a distance of the 6th class. Teams of 7 people (group A), 8 people participated (group B) and of two people (group P, in its framework it was possible to pass examinations for instructor preparation, this year appeared for the first time). Reported situation, a press about it - release and articles of teams-participants.

But if to ask people, so-called Psrshchikov that such PSR for them, it is possible to hear many interesting stories and baizes, a huge number of memoirs - cheerful and sad, amusing and instructive about himself, about other teams, about the realized opportunities and the unused moments, about penal points and bonus, about judges and about its Majesty Sluchaye, but is the most rare - interpretation of these most PSROV .

So, that such PSR for one of teams-participants - teams Kursk - Sokolenko declared on group A:

Each of seven goes to check himself, the strong-willed and physical qualities, technical training, ability to control the emotions, the restraint in a stressful situation, and in general - unity of the team. We go behind a victory? Of course! We need to win against the fears, to overcome in itself something, got used to have a rest, sleep in the city at night and in general to live in a different way.

PSR is a meeting of old friends and acquisition new, and new you usually are even more confident in these, than in friends in the city with whom it seems a sign few years...

PSR is a training. It is new experience which for some reason is not forgotten, and at the time of real states of emergency always works. These are the fresh stages and methods brought home. It is other mentality - not standard stamps, this ability to get out of an unusual situation easy ways And when then in the city acquaintances lower hands if necessary to perform any task, and you without a thing it works well - with pride then laugh the matter off: So it Psrovsky approach

PSR is a breath of fresh air among usual city life to which you look forward before competitions, and after them at home week depart because houses - all in a different way: time passes much more slowly and the people nearby absolutely others who are not understanding - why at you at the word PSR eyes light up, and about each photo from competitions you can tell an unusual story...

PSR is a new attitude, these are other values, these are other opportunities. It is just other life. And tourists - happy people who have an opportunity to live as if several lives

About PSR it is possible to listen and write much. Stories and opinions of participants of other teams - that such PSR - can be read on the official site of the competitions moy. su.