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How quickly to reinstall Windows if there are no drivers?

Sometimes happen so that Windows needs to be reinstalled quickly from scratch and there are no necessary drivers near at hand. Disks are already sold, given to friends, lost, and diskettes - are formatted or simply rewritten.

In this case it makes sense to use the method given below. Its essence consists in use of already installed Windows, as a source of drivers.

So, a method of reinstallation Windows if there are no drivers:

- to be loaded by a usual order (last time!) - to rename the Program Files folder into the rearranged

system, we will tell in Progs. old

- to rename the Windows folder, we will tell in Win. old (if it is impossible in the Conductor to make in a command line)

- to press twice Ctrl+Alt+Delete for reset (Windows does not exist also usual any more - rather it will not be possible to finish its work)

can begin Then installation of system.

On the offer of an installer to install system in the Win folder. to press old To Change and to set a normal name, type C: / Windows. to specify

At installation of devices as a source of drivers:

- Win. old/Inf or Win. old/Inf/Other - for inf - the

files - Win. old/System - for ordinary drivers (*. drv, *. vxd, *. dll)

- Win. old/System32/Drivers - for WDM - drivers (*. sys, *. dls)

- Win. old/Help - for help files (*. hlp, *. cnt, *. chm, *. chw)

- Win. old/System/Colors - for color profiles of monitors and printers

Repeated clicking by buttons can bother if there is a lot of drivers, but here it cannot be helped.

If the Windows installation is unsuccessful or some other problems, it is possible to return to old system:

- as is described above, to rename again installed system, we will tell in Win. new and Prog. new

- to press twice Ctrl+Alt+Delete, to be overloaded, in the mode of a command line to rename Win. old in back Windows

- again to be overloaded, and then in the Win32 mode to rename Prog. old in Program Files (a long name of the file!)

When all adjusting works are performed and need for old (new) system disappeared, it can be removed fearlessly. Those drivers which are installed in new system were successfully cloned, and now have no relation to the source.

It is repeatedly checked in practice. At the described method only one shortcoming - the empty seat on a disk has to be enough for installation of new system. It can be reduced strongly if not to rename the Program Files folder, and just to remove it. From Windows it is also possible to leave only System, System32, Inf and Help. Naturally, in this case return to the previous system will be impossible.