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Work on the Internet. Myth or reality?

Earnings on the Internet essentially do not differ from other types of earnings, possible in the real world, the same laws of the market work here. The Internet represents not only a source of information, but also huge trading floor and as the physical location of participants has no trade relations of special value, and the competition is very high.

Often to the beginners wishing to work in a network feed fables about what it is very easy to earn on the Internet, offer step-by-step instructions, sell videocourses and the training books. It is important to understand - easy money on the Internet cannot be earned. It is the same work, as well as any other in the real world, and your earnings will be directly proportional to your knowledge, experience, the enclosed work, and in certain cases and to investments.

There are two main ways of earnings on the Internet: it is hired labor (frilansing) and creation of own business in a network (a web - business). These two ways essentially differ, in the first case you get profit for the concrete performed work, in the second - profit (or a loss!) from business activity. One more difference is that the freelancer, in other words the hired worker, gets the fixed profit for the performed work once. With own business in a network a picture another - if the " project; went it makes profit regularly throughout a long time, in other words, once the made work gives stable regular earnings. But to become successful a web - the businessman special knowledge and skills in the field of creation and advance of the websites, experience, often financial investments, and also ability to work for prospect are required, i.e. works hard, to invest money now in the future to receive (or not to get) profit on the project. The businessman always risks the business, money, both in real life, and in a web - space.

Merits and demerits of every way of earnings in a network are quite obvious, there is an opportunity to combine these types, and many successfully do it - make own product (the book training courses, articles, programs etc.) and sell them in a network, and also earn from advertizing, partner programs. Remains to those who has no the sufficient store of knowledge and skills unless to click banners, and persons interested quickly and to be enriched easily - virtual financial pyramids and scams. Anyway the choice of ways and types of earnings in a network remains for you.