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Let`s learn to think or we will disappear how mammoths?

I as you answered themselves this question?... Try to set it still to somebody.

One will explain on an everyday example: For example, in transport there was me on a leg some uncle. Eh, I think, to give to you in a nose! .

Another will answer vastly: I think better when I lie when it is weakened and thoughts fly mixed up with images. And then they somehow the friend cling to the friend and something integral turns out - but it is optional that it will be the offer or, say, some image. Sometimes it will come to mind that you are surprised .

The third will answer you accurately and at once:

- to Think, it means to celebrate, crinkles.

- And if the person, having reflected, starts walking also to and fro?.

- Means, to move also with legs. Generalizing

, it is possible to note that the person received in the order a huge resource, however without instruction for use. And therefore uses this resource not effectively, sometimes at all not to destination. Development of scientific recommendations to people about on what algorithm it is better to think in important situations, can give big advantage to each person, and mankind - unprecedented jump of progress. I will bring as an example, the working version of such recommendations of which rationality it was personally convinced.

So to think - it means to formulate to itself questions and purposefully, comprehensively to consider them, to find on them rational answers.

Everything is simple: to formulate accurately and from different positions and the points of view to consider, consider.

The problems which do not have permissions do not happen. But each person perceives the world by means of reflection in sense organs, sometimes is turned before mirror display. To find the correct solution happens not simply. Therefore by consideration of problematic issues the whole complex of iterations, i.e. the interconnected search sequences including continuous return to the previous step for the analysis and check of its results is necessary.

Taking into account the wise publication I. Yanushkevich 100 versions of the address with problems and own experience we recommend here, at least, the following complex of actions in work on problems: to investigate

: to examine, designate, clear, consider, to study, analyse, consider, comprehend, to discuss, discuss, estimate, open; to change

a state: to lift, stir up, wake, to transform, transform; to change

scale: to increase, reduce, bring into accord; to change

a form: to divide, connect, unite, give other look, to put in other conditions; to find

: to hook, dig out, pick open, to pull out, highlight, clear, to understand, prove, describe.

You every time considerably will advance conscious carrying out these subject and cogitative iterations, but does not guarantee that the solution of a question will be found from the first as during each of these actions you can lose an essence: not to notice, neglect, pass, miss, to miss, splash out, miss, to miss, whistle, ignore, postpone, to bypass, remove, hide, close, to clean, drown, chatter, kill, to bury, change, replace, reject. Besides, you can show bias to an object of research: to love, to adore, to appreciate, trust, approach, become related, to reject, take a dislike, hate.

If the mistake somewhere is made, then there is an effect of incorrectly buttoned jacket: one button is incorrectly clasped - and all jacket appears wrong way. In such cases it is necessary reset . That is it is necessary to pass all chain of reasonings at first, having cleared the random access memory from those accumulation which brought to to lag . It is the most difficult part of process of thinking because learned earlier something wrong is, quite often, trouble forever. It is noticed still by K. Marx: The strongest fortress is a human head, traditions of all dead generations gravitate as a nightmare, over minds live . According to A. Einstein: The Considerable problems facing us cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which we created them .

And still - who looks for, that finds. When the solution as a result is found, it is necessary to show still : to light, keep separate, part, to settle, settle, settle, share, to inform, to give, declare, explain, convince, to wait.

As we see, not for nothing Henry Ford (the famous American engineer, the inventor and the industrialist, one of founders of automotive industry) told: To Think - the most hard work from all existing - therefore so few people are engaged in it . Sometimes we do not think even of such problems on which our life depends. And even destiny of the planet! The attitudes towards them, are often shown earlier, than we will understand them. And instead of comprehensively analyzing problems, we conduct only emotional debate concerning the first feelings which arose to them.

I want to draw with such introduction attention to very important problem concerning all and everyone. Let`s ponder upon small information.

Famous analyst of methodology of science And. Lakatos came (1922 - 1974) as a result of the researches to the conclusions that: after 1925 new the quantum theory passed on anarchist " position; and modern quantum physics in it Copenhagen became interpretation one of the main strongholds of philosophical obscurantism Since 1925 of Bor and its adherents went for new and unprecedented decrease in critical standards for scientific theories. The reason in modern physics receded and the anarchist cult of unimaginable chaos " set in;.

The famous authority in modern physics A. Einstein was expressed not less definitely also earlier: Great initial success of the theory of quanta could not force to believe me in the dicing which is its cornerstone... Physicists consider me as the old fool, but I am convinced that in the future development of physics will go in other " direction;.

I what we have as a result?

Perhaps, everyone knows that there are a law of energy conservation and other laws of the nature. And if all this is known, then as it was possible for mankind in the beginning of all science about the Universe to put the initial assumption that the Universe arose the Big Bang from a microscopic point in defiance of all physical laws.

Even resistance of big scientists did not help. Here words concerning this hypothesis of the famous Swedish physicist and astrophysics of H. Alfven awarded the Nobel Prize (1970) for fundamental works and opening in magnetic hydrodynamics and their fruitful appendices in various field of physics of " plasma; (the member of the Swedish royal academy of Sciences, London royal society, other academies is awarded by also gold medal of Royal astronomical society in London (1967) and a gold medal of M. V. Lomonosov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1971)): The modern cosmological theory represents absurdity top - it claims that all Universe arose at a certain certain moment like the blown-up atomic bomb Similar that in the present intellectual atmosphere huge advantage of cosmology Big Bang the fact that it is an insult of common sense serves: credo, guia absurdum (I believe because it is absurd) .

Murphy`s law says: If for achievement of a definite purpose there are several ways and at least one of them leads to accident, then surely there will be people who will choose this way .

Arguing over a hypothesis of the Big Bang, physicists of the European center of nuclear researches (CERN) constructed the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on Earth. They already entered it and increase power to reproduce and test on the manned planet of a condition of the first moments of emergence of the Universe ! Why it to them?

According to these desperate researchers, - they hope in search of new, earlier unknown phenomena to make such opening about which we do not even suspect in experiments which results are unpredictable in principle , that to break a barrier which the fundamental physics " faced today; . Other scientists, including physics, stated the mass of reasonable fears that experiments about the TANK can lead of planets to death. But nobody is confused even by M. Nostradamus`s predictions which often come true. For 2010 in the katrena it warns about to a devilish arch of rage which can cause horror of combustion of the globe . Writes that all Europe will disappear, there will be neither left vegetation, nor fauna, and in the subsequent as a result of loss of rainfall everything will be infected on Earth.

By means of a thinking method which is stated above here the theory of emergence of the Universe is developed. It is available to all on the author`s website in Russian and English, with an opportunity the express - the translation also into any language. In its support hundreds of people were signed already. In it according to the law of energy conservation, laws of thermodynamics and other laws of physics matter emergence, an essence of gravitation, inertia, mass of bodies, the mechanism of distribution of light, regularity of results of experiences of A. Fizo (1851), A speak. Michelson and G. Morley (1887) and other phenomena, including not explained with science earlier. Follows from provisions of this theory that colliders, really, can cause horror of combustion of the globe .

It is represented that a question of continuation of experiments with BAK, which results are unpredictable in principle it has to be urgently considered by NATO and the UN Security Council. Because we can instantly disappear as mammoths.

P / s: Nearly three hundred years were required to the world to understand the simple doctrine of Copernicus! Now the mankind practically has no temporary resource. It is necessary to think quicker.