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Who such L. Ron Hubbard? Some facts from the biography of the famous person of

he understood Soon that the university will not give it answers to his questions what the person " is; and how to help the person to solve more effectively problems . He wrote: It was obvious that in culture in which I lived and with which dealt it was less known of mind of the person, than to the lowest primitive tribe which I ever met I understood that I should investigate a lot of things most .

to support the researches from the financial point of view, at the beginning of 30 - x Ron entered years on a literary path, and soon became not only one of popular writers in the USA, but also headed New - York office of guild of the American writers. When speak about Ron Hubbard`s works in 30 - e years, usually note his unusual versatility and surprising working capacity. Regularly he wrote 100 thousand words a month, than ensured a title of the king of the most prolific writers. Thanks to the means obtained from literary activity Ron Hubbard organized two large scientifically - research expeditions on the Caribbean islands.

World War II interrupted its research and literary activity. He arrived on service in voyenno - naval forces of the United States and ordered the anti-submarine ships. In 1945, partially gone blind and crippled as a result of wounds, Ron got to military hospital, and was recognized as the disabled person. However, applying the researches about the person and how the reason influences a body, it could help itself(himself) and to the companions to restore the health.

L. Ron Hubbard is really unique person with versatile interests and extraordinary education. He studied 21 nationalities, was a writer and the pilot, the free reporter, the photographer, the musician, the film director and the screenwriter, directed expeditions. Also Hubbard was engaged in the solution of problems in the field of education. He established the main reasons for emergence of difficulties in training and developed methods of their elimination. Called the obtained data technology of training . This, the developed by L. Ron Hubbard, progressive technology is applied now by more than 70 thousand teachers worldwide, including this technology is successfully used by teachers and in the centers of Applied Education in the CIS.

For the researches, works of art, scientific works L. Ron Hubbard was awarded sets of awards, medals, ranks. In 2005 and 2006 Ron Hubbard was marked out by the Guinness Book of Records. In 2005 representatives of the Guinness Book of Records especially marked out L. Ron Hubbard as the author whose works are transferred to the most large number of languages (65 languages).

In 2006, Ron Hubbard was marked twice out by the Guinness Book of Records. The first record confirms that it is the most published author (1084 published works) that beat a record which the Brazilian author Carlos Ruoki (1058 published works) had before. By the Guinness Book of Records it was also confirmed officially that Hubbard broke his own previous record appropriated to it as to the author whose works were transferred to the most large number of languages. The quantity of languages, by the end of 2006 increased on 6, and reached 71.

Mr. Kalyan Shah, the President of the Indian Guild of publishers and book sellers handing certificates of the Guinness Book of Records to the literary agent of L. Ron Hubbard described Hubbard as One of the most influential authors in the world whose numerous works in the field of art and scientifically - publicistic literature carry away and at the same time educate readers on all continents, and promote growth of our culture on a global scale. It - not only a phenomenon for publishers, its works are also treasure which all who trust that the mankind can find the solution for a set of problems can use and build the best world for all .

In the field of education address for additional information on L. Ron Hubbard and his works in Applied Formation of the CIS by phone +7 495 6806673, www. apscis. ru, www. clearwords. ru.