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Osteoporosis, prevention it is possible?

the Skeleton of the adult consist of 260 bones, and each of them is difficult education in biological and mechanical sense. Any bone consists of actually bone tissue, marrow, articulate cartilages, blood vessels and nerves. The external surface of a bone is covered with a so-called periosteum - a thin film which is responsible for growth, food and restoration of bones in case of their damage. The bone system carries out three important functions in an organism: mechanical, protective, and metabolic. The first is in what bones together with cartilages and muscles form oporno - the motive device of our organism. At the same time the bone system serves as the peculiar framework protecting our vitals from external influences. At last, metabolichsky function means participation of a bone tissue in the general metabolism and maintenance of constancy of the internal environment of an organism.

Activity of bone system is the cornerstone two interconnected processes which are carried out with a different speed throughout all human life: process of destruction of an old bone and process of creation of new. At children`s and teenage age of a bone are exposed to active creation when bone education prevails over destruction. Approximately by 25 - 30 years it is reached peak of bone weight - there comes rather short period of balance between processes of destruction and creation. Then, after 40 years, process of gradual loss of bone weight begins. This process natural and rather slow is normal. Problems begin if owing to some reasons it accelerates. Then - that also arises osteoporosis - a skeleton disease which is characterized by reduction of density of a bone and there is a risk of changes even at small influence.

Unfortunately to distinguish an illness very not easy: osteoporosis proceeds is hidden, long time undermining our bones. If there are back pains, then they not strong and quickly pass. If the back at the same time becomes round-shouldered, and gait is broken, - it manages the " too; manual labor the osteoporosis causing gradual deformation and subsidence of vertebras. As a rule, people learn about existence of osteoporosis only after unexpected changes which occur at insignificant blow or rise in weight.

According to forecasts of World Health Organization, by 2050 the number of the injuries connected with this disease will increase by 6 times that, really, is comparable on scales with epidemic. Not to be among the victims silent epidemic it is necessary to be first of all the armed knowledge of the main reasons for developing of an illness.

Depending on an etiology and clinical manifestations allocate several types of osteoporosis. The most raspostranenny are post-climacteric and senile types of osteoporosis to which share about 85% all connected with a metabolic disorder fall of diseases. This two look belongs to primary osteoporosis. Senile develops over the years regardless of a floor as a result of reduction of weight and durability of a skeleton with age. And here at earlier age of the woman are subject to this disease. The explanation is that female bones initially more fragile in comparison with man`s. But the woman during the climacteric period becomes especially vulnerable. The post-climacteric osteoporosis arising at women mainly after 50 years is connected with hormonal changes. During this period there is a decrease in secretion of sex hormones of estrogen which play an important role in formation of a skeleton, maintenance of a mineral exchange and bone balance. As a result, washing away from calcium bones - the main construction material of a bone tissue amplifies, absorption of calcium from intestines worsens that creates negative bone balance - when destruction of a bone tissue considerably exceeds formation of new. Besides, function of a parathyroid gland increases, and its PTG hormone also promotes washing away of calcium from bones. In the first several years after the beginning of a menopause at women of loss of bone weight can already make 4 - 5% a year (it is normal these losses about 0,3 - 0,5% a year).

Secondary osteoporosis can develop owing to medicinal therapy. It concerns kortikosteroidny hormones, immunodepressants.

Osteoporosis can develop and as complication of other diseases: endocrine, inflammatory, etc.

In development of osteoporosis the large role is played by physical activity. The inactive way of life promotes reduction of density of a bone. The people who are often taking alcohol and smokers have the smaller density of a bone too.

Prevention of osteoporosis ideally has to begin from the first days of life, but at the same time at any age it is possible to take the elementary measures which will secure against serious problems with bone system. For example, to refuse smoking and abuse of alcohol, to lead active lifestyle. Also the balanced diet which provides necessary food of a bone tissue will help, improves hormonal balance of an organism, normalizes a mineral exchange, filling insufficient intake of necessary vitamins and minerals. The number of biologically active agents on which health of our bone system directly depends includes calcium and vitamin D, vitamins C, groups B, zinc, copper and manganese. If with food enough calcium does not arrive, then the organism takes away it from bones, weakening their durability. Without D3 vitamin calcium is acquired only for 10 - 15%. Without vitamin C favorable impact of calcium on an organism is slowed down. B9 and B12 vitamins support process of growth of bone cages, improve absorption of calcium through intestines. Zinc is included into structure of vitamin D and into structure more than 300 enzymes. Copper takes part in an exchange of calcium and phosphorus in an organism, and at its deficiency the kosteobrazovaniye is broken. At a climax the number of sex hormones regulated by manganese and copper decreases, and osteoporosis becomes result of such deficiency.

It is worth remembering also soy which izoflavona are analog of female sex hormone and in the period of a menopause prevent washing away of calcium from bones.

Thus, the bone tissue is a peculiar warehouse in which it is stored emergency ration mineral substances. When they in food are not enough, the organism besides borrows them bones. At defective food it occurs constantly - month after month, year after year, causing fragility of bones. The correct diet containing all necessary vitamins and minerals is capable to reduce threat of development of osteoporosis seriously.