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As society treats those who do not marry in time ?

Public opinion rather loyally concern to bachelors if only does not suspect of the unmarried man of the person of a nonconventional orientation. And here to the unmarried woman it, sometimes, is very unfair - the unmarried woman is sometimes named society the woman unclaimed.

The weak woman who, perhaps, also does not feel the lonely often under pressure of such public opinion decides to marry quicker. Even understanding that those feelings which she has to the future spouse, insufficiently, to construct it, and perhaps, and his happiness.

From the point of view of public morals and morality the woman can remain lonely, but only when formally this status is justified in the opinion of society. For example, the status of the nun is very high.

However a subject of our trial is not the celibacy per se. From the point of view of Christianity both virginity, and marriage admit equally and esteemed as two possible ways. In orthodox church the celibacy is obligatory only for monashestvuyushchy. In Catholicism the Lutheran Cathedral in 1139 finally legalized an indispensable celibacy and for priests. In Protestantism it was liquidated. Both Luther, and Calvin were married.

By the way, in ancient civilizations the institute of a celibacy was obligatory only for attendants of a cult too. In a classical antiquity Demetra`s priests, priestesses in Delphi and vestals in Rome had to observe celibacy. In culture of Indians of America (before opening by Columbus) the celibacy was recommended to wives God of the Sun. In Buddhist India there were man`s also convents. In a Lamaism the celibacy is required only for priests of the highest ranks.

Though a celibacy as a way perhaps not only in the monastery, but also in the world.

We speak about those who decided to choose for themselves institute of marriage. But it has to be the intelligent choice based on feelings, not burdened by prejudices and pressure of public opinion which besides as show various researches of the last years, changes sometimes considerably.

All of us live in society, is free or involuntarily we fall under its written or unwritten laws. Society punishes the violator of norm the negative attitude to it. In society there is a number of steady ideas of what behavior to what age has to correspond that is possible and that cannot be done at a certain age what social status to what vital period of the person has to correspond.

The attitude towards old maids negative, from compassionate to frankly contemptuous was traditional in pre-revolutionary Russia. The exception was made by conventuals, pilgrims and skitnitsa, that is those who were out of marriage, but got an appreciation to the status due to service to other, not wordly purposes. Such women took the place, at least, in ceremonial life of society.

Generally old maids had the status of the being deprived of civil rights who does not have property rights to which society was negative, sometimes hostilely, suspecting of a reason for rejection from normal behavior of such woman presence at it of any physical or moral defect.

In our modern society the phrase old maid with a negative assessment it is often used not so much for the characteristic of marital status of the woman how many for designation of certain negative qualities of character.

Presently there is a great number of women at whom at first sight everything is good: magnificent external data, the sea of charm, a wide range of interests, a samorealizovannost in a profession. They are fine, all at them, but at heart, for any of several reasons, lives fear to remain old maid . They are afraid, actually, understanding it or not, the fact that, according to public opinion, they entered for a long time that age which society believes resolutely suitable for marriage.

Quite often they marry practically the first man who made them the proposal. About love of the speech does not go. Very often it is unsuccessful marriages. Just these women are afraid of public opinion so that both their destiny, and destiny of those men who married them falls.

For such women this article is written, they would like to tell me: you do not hurry, at least till 30 years, to this age society at the moment will definitely not impose on you a label old maid ; you do not hurry, you have still time, there is a chance to meet true love, the half.