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Vitiligo: a course of treatment - on tag

Still nobody can authentically explain the reason of developing of vitiligo. It is known only that at this disease on certain sites of skin there is a death of the cages producing the melanin painting a pigment.

In order that to reanimate or to force the died cages instead of them to arise new, use drugs from plants and a sunlight. Inside one of preparations is given, and radiation of the centers is outside carried out by special lamps. Ultraviolet rays force cages - melanotsita strenuously to make melanin, and vegetable biostimulators increase sensitivity of skin to an ultraviolet that any sunbeam did not go to waste. Recently the ultraviolet is replaced by the laser and microwave resonant therapy. Best of all on such treatment children as at them the speed of exchange processes is higher respond and it is easier baggage the accompanying diseases. After several sessions the spot turns pink and becomes covered by freckles. It is possible to move away him absolutely seldom, but as a result of treatment the clear boundary between " is washed away; patient and healthy skin dairy pallor of the centers also disappears.

of Vitiligo in to the head

treatment is not so successful

At adults. Perhaps because stimulation only of one skin has enough as its cages only working shop on production of melanin. Management " plant; carries out a hypophysis which lowers plan for a pigment . Skin cannot undertake the raised obligations without approvals from above how many it would not feed with photosensitizers and not irradiated with an ultraviolet. In order that the brain gilded a spot suntan, it is necessary to warm up its interest. Okhotney of all a hypophysis responds not to medicines, and to a deviation of a way of life in the healthy party, and, the more overweight, the response is stronger. Vitiligos not for nothing call an illness vulnerable natures therefore it is necessary to protect nervous system from stresses and shocks. Once you temper yourself physically and sincerely, from spots there is only not clear trace, both on a body, and in soul.

Vitamins on spots

They say that when the doctor does not know how to treat an illness, he appoints vitamins. Vitiligo in this regard classical case. Vitamin therapy at spotty diseases it is used very widely. Vitamins from the first five And, In, With, D and E sate an organism in solutions, in tablets and in oil, in the form of medicine and as foodstuff, inside and outwardly. For successful germinations to life seeds minerals are necessary: zinc, iron, copper, selenium. It is possible to accept them in the form of medicines, supplementing with foodstuff. Most iron from them - red meat and buckwheat, are rich with copper greens and berries. Zinc is a liver, eggs and cheese, selenium - milk and cabbage.

Sanatorium in a kitchen garden

is the best of all than

spotty an illness learned to treat in Cuba. Those who is not able to afford similar voyage can go to a kitchen garden. There both drugs and ray of sunlight. Green biostimulators as a part of parsley, spinach and a celery increase sensitivity of skin to an ultraviolet. From these herbs receive drugs for fight with tag . In the natural form they not only it is more useful, but also is more tasty. Solar bathtubs on spots should be dosed strictly on a formula two plus two: to begin since two minutes and every day to add as much. Broths of a grass of a St. John`s Wort, nettle, wormwood, are good both inside, and outwardly. They are accepted by several months, with three-week breaks. It is hardly possible to cure vitiligo herbs, however, as well as any other way, but to tint spots in power to everyone, even by means of phytotherapy.