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the Papaya

Earlier I saw this strange fruit only on the picture, but progress does not stand still... And here slightly crumpled papaya which got tired from the trip from the far-away tropical countries can already be met in supermarkets. The truth the price of fruit grows in direct ratio exoticism.... But I was lucky - the ripened fruit was written off in the section in total on 40 rubles probably worrying that will deteriorate, and so nobody will buy.

what it is similar to? We do a discount that our papaya was not broken from a tree juicy and mature, and faded and ripened in way and on shelves of shop. Orange pulp with a subtle shade of sweet, immature yellow bitterish pulp and strange black seeds in a zhirnovaty transparent film - a papaya fruit interior. Peculiar papayny (papayevy?) did not catch aroma. I do not know as it is accepted to eat this fruit, but I cut it in half and ate with a spoon as avocado. Meanwhile postponed sunflower seeds away. Pogugliv on a papaya, it was succeeded to find out that in the tropical countries it is very esteemed for a set of useful properties. Indians of the South and Central America use a papaya not only in food, but also for healing of wounds, support of a weak liver, treatment of a lock, against worms and parasites, at inflammations and problems of skin, and even for a cancer therapy. One of features of a papaya - the high content of enzyme of the papainase helping digestion, digestion of protein. In sharp black sunflower seeds of its fruit most of all, their time even dry up and sell separately as papaya enzyme . A papaya thanks to the enzyme - it is simple - a predatory plant. In the tropical countries in sheets of a papaya wrap meat, and even the most rigid pieces become soft - papainase corrodes muscle fibers. But, being a vegetarian, I reserved papaya grains for the Adygei cheese. Actually these sunflower seeds called in me the greatest delight. Their sharp taste seemed to the closest to taste of a radish or a cabbage cabbage stump. Grains can be dried up and used as seasoning. But aggressive enzymes of a papaya can be dangerous to pregnant women. This fruit was used as a folk remedy of contraception and abortion. Likely besides from - for properties of " papainase; to eat protein.