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What to do if you were attacked by a dog?

can lead Attack of a furious dog on badly defending person to death. To resist to the dog who attacked you, accept councils which, I hope, will help you to get out of the difficult situation adequately.

When the dog attacks with bark, danger is, as a rule, small. It just frightens you, banishing from the territory (place) where you are. At the same time it is not excluded that it can you and bite, but it will occur only when you turn to it a back or sideways, and look away from it. Do not do either that, or another. Without looking away from eyes of a dog, slowly and without doing sharp movements, leave this territory (place), and the conflict will be exhausted.

In case the conflict drags on, try to check its reaction to the " teams; Faugh! Walk! Aport! Cat! . They are familiar to many dogs. If, for example, on the " team; Faugh! the dog reacts and will make a pause, - will cease to bark, - means, the " team; works and will protect you. (At positive reaction of a dog) give another to development of this team: Well faugh and then Walk! . If the animal shows interest in the " team; Aport! pick up some stick, a stone from the earth or break a branch. Show it to a dog, repeating the " team; Aport! and then throw. It is not excluded that the thrown subject will interest a dog, and she will leave you alone.

Rather effective can appear also the " team; Cat! . As a rule, the dog reacts to this team violently. At the same time she begins to rush about here and there in search of the object interesting her. For you it is a gain in time. You leave this territory rather.

But if you see the dog running on you silently or with growl, know - she can seriously attack. If time and a situation allow, try to take such place in which the dog will not get you (get where - nibud higher or use the next door (gate). If there is a reservoir, come into water. Even if it is superficial and the dog will try to reach you by wading, meet her by water splashes - it will stop it. Where the dog should reach you by swimming, be quiet - you in safety. Afloat the dog will not bite and it is possible to drive away her splashes.

If to you is no place to hide or climb up, and there is no reservoir, then take a handful of sand (earth) and throw it (whenever possible from the smallest distance) into eyes and into a mouth to the running dog.

In other cases when it is impossible to avoid contact with an animal, prepare for protection. First of all, estimate the forces and power of a dog, and also make-shifts, Never you shout aimlessly, especially scared voice. Do not swing hands and do not fuss! Shout for fear and nervousness will even more excite a dog. Its impact will only amplify. From make-shifts you can use a stick, a box, a box, outerwear, a headdress etc. of

If you have enough forces to strike to a dog notable blow (for example, a stick or a box), try to make it before the dog bites you. The painful blow will shake confidence of an animal in the superiority. The sting, on the contrary, will strengthen it. But also in this case be careful. Not all dogs give in from pain. And blow to blow discord. Precisely and strongly that is simple to get to a moving animal not so-. Besides dogs of office breeds specially prepare to hold blow and to make the way by attacked, overcoming pain. Consider: for striking a blow you will have only one attempt.

Dogs differently bite. Someone will bite, will jump aside, once again will bite and again will jump aside. Others, having made a grasp, begin to pull, seeking to tear off that grabbed. The dog will pull while feels your resistance. Interception is improbable at this time. But, as soon as your resistance will weaken, wait for interception in the new place and repeated attempt to tear off grabbed. As a rule, such behavior is observed at the majority of dogs, but especially at those who passed special training.

If nearby there is no owner of a dog capable to come to the rescue of you, and danger is rather serious, act this way: lean a back against a wall, a fence not to fall and to allow to bite themselves behind. Take in hand something from the outerwear (a jacket, a shirt, a headdress etc.) also expose it before yourself on outstretched arms. The dog will instinctively grab clothes and will pull on herself. Hold more strong! At the time of its maximum tension sharply (and as it is possible stronger) hit it with a foot sock in a throat. It will be enough to turn a duel outcome to your advantage.

In case the situation does not allow to use any subject for reception of a grasp of a dog on it, get up to the approaching animal a semi-side. You hold the hand bent in an elbow at the level of a belt. A shock leg take away back and a few spruzhinta knees. When between you and a dog there are about two meters, sharply expose forward on breast level a forearm. The dog will instinctively react to this movement and will begin to attack a hand. At the time of a jump it will be extended, having opened the unprotected stomach. Use it and strike it a kick to the area of a podreberye. But consider: if you miss the moment and will not manage to strike before the dog seizes you by a hand, opportunities to make it then at you will not be any more.

Present that you were not in time with blow, and the animal seized a hand. Despite pain, step on a dog quicker, than she from you will move back. Without feeling hand resistance, the dog, most likely, will release it to seize you in other place. If on it a collar, try to grasp it with a free hand and to overwind. It is the suffocating reception demanding big efforts. If there is no collar, repeat attempt with a kick.

I want that I was understood correctly. My councils - not an appeal to fight against dogs. I treat them with big love. However for various reasons (and most often on not depending on dogs) these animals remind that they are predators. I ask not to forget about it. Also be ready to stand if necessary for themselves.