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Headache. How quickly to get rid of it?

What, again the head of you hurts? - the next time with insult mutters the husband, turning away to a wall. If you feel that pain turns your private life into a nightmare, does not give the chance to be engaged fully in work and to have a rest - it is time to fight back it!

Why the head hurts?

of One of the most common causes of a headache are our emotions. The matter is that such negative states as anger, concern, a stress, fear, lead to the long tension of face muscles, shoulders and necks. In tight muscles are clamped the nervous terminations, and the nervous impulses arriving from them are transferred to the receptors which are available in soft tissues of the head, - the person feels pain.

Long stay in sitting halfbent position is also capable to provoke pain as a back and a neck in such situation flow and it leads to narrowing of vessels and reduction of a blood-groove that, in turn, causes a lack of oxygen of fabrics and a congestion of metabolism products of them. At the same time expansion of blood vessels (for example, owing to the excessive tension of eyes) leads to irritation of the nervous terminations that also causes a headache.

of the Tablet: to drink or not to drink?

Unfortunately, the modern person not always has time to be engaged fully in the health therefore in most cases the available diseases are not treated, and simply are muffled . So happens also to a headache as effective therapy in this case demands careful diagnostics for establishment of the reason of an indisposition. Besides the prerequisites described above, the headache can be the only symptom of more than 50 various diseases!

Of course, it is far simpler to take a magic medicine and to do so every time when unpleasant symptoms interfere with vital plans. And still it is not necessary to suffer from severe pain as it not only worsens quality of life, but also the stress - a factor for an organism is additional. However systematic reception of the anesthetizing preparations is not an exit. First of all, from - for the fact that high doses of analgetics are capable to cause a number of side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dysfunction of a liver or kidneys. Besides, by the American scientists it was proved that frequent reception of analgetics at headaches leads to opposite result. Pregnancy and a headache

Special complexity presents to

elimination of a headache at pregnancy as a fruit and mother represent a uniform organism and everything that is accepted by mother, affects on health of future child. Therefore the pregnant woman can almost not pick up absolutely safe preparations. It is especially dangerous to take medicine in the first trimester as to this period there is a process of formation of bodies of a germ and at reception of medicines the risk of emergence in the kid of congenital defect is big.

Cold hurries to the aid

Welcome, application of the cooling compress is the most widespread method of disposal of a headache for those who do not want or cannot take medicine. Usually for this purpose use an ice package or the cooled damp towel which is put to a forehead or temples.

But progress does not stand still. Today as a similar compress you can use gel plasters of Extraplast From a headache . Menthol which provides the cooling effect, and also the essential oils of a lavender and eucalyptus giving effect of an aromatherapy that calms nervous system is their part and helps to remove a spasm. Convenience of such plasters is that they are always ready to use, not flow and it is not necessary to change them each 10 minutes as usual compresses as the cooling effect of Extraplast remains within 6 hours.

Plasters of Extraplast do not contain medicinal components therefore they have no contraindications and side effect (except individual intolerance of components, for example, of an allergy to essential oils). Adults and children can apply such plasters, they are safe for women throughout the entire period of pregnancy and a lactation.

But nevertheless you remember: even if you managed to remove the next attack and at the moment you feel well, all - find time to glance to the doctor. It is better to understand thoroughly the reasons of a headache and to cure it - once and for all!