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How to remain in the history? Diaries Pass Saksina of

I Wandered somehow about the Internet, looked for where what news of Rostov Veliky in a world wide web are available. Also came across a complex of the diaries of young rostovets dated a boundary 1930 - 1940 - x years.

The publisher is Vladimir Glukhov, himself the artist. As I understood - with Rostov at it communication arose in students, students - surikovets (MGARHI - the Moscow State art institute of V. I. Surikov) for years of thirty come to the ancient city on practice year after year, copy frescos, write etudes.

Here and Vladimir so appeared on Nero`s coast. And the izba growing into the earth presented it these diaries. On an attic one-storeyed on the bank of Nero`s lake lay these notebooks at home and would have to die.

The publication was preceded by the story of the publisher about how it found these notes:

These diaries are found by me in the summer of 1983 in the city of Rostov Veliky of the Yaroslavl region in the abandoned house. That to find them, I had to rake the three-meter occupation layer consisting generally of newspapers, letters, photos etc. The lowermost layer belonged to 1903. Top - to 1980. There I for the first time saw newspapers with Stolypin, Savva Morozov, Trotsky, Beria, Khrushchev`s portraits. From what found there I took out a lot of things.

The family archive of a family of the Butyliny, probably, first owners of this house was very interesting. But diaries were the most interesting to me Pass (Mikhail) of Saksin who became for me the native person. Traces of stay of a family Saksinykh were traced to the middle 60 - x. Running forward, I will tell that Me returned from war live since I found its drawings (Stalin and Lenin`s portraits) dated 1949 .

On the website literaturno - the philosophical magazine Top wasps notebooks of this unique hand-written monument were placed one by one. The community of writers and readers of a portal actively read, discussed the publication. I, having noted at a forum and having written off with Vl. Glukhov, placed a piece of these diaries in the local newspaper Rostov bulletin having accompanied the text with such address:

We publish Part of records here. Also we do it not only to entertain the reading public. And in order that young readers of the last page of our newspaper helped us.

Please, ask the grandmothers and grandfathers and to whom will carry - great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers: whether they remember the author of diaries? Whether know what with it became whether have the information about his family, about his descendants.

we Wait for your calls and letters .

To my huge pleasure, the publication of fragments from diaries Pass Saksina caused squall of positive emotions in readers of the newspaper. However, first of all not children and teenagers, namely elderly people reacted.

And it is clear - even for those who did not know either the author of the diary, or those people about whom it was told there, - even for them these diaries bore reminiscence of the remote past, of that time when they were age-mates of that Rostov boy.

However, with huge interest diaries and present boys and little girls - today`s age-mates of that Mini who in the late thirties laconically described the last century the simple children`s affairs apprehended. It is in general the characteristic moment: both old men, and children perceived the text with identical feeling - the trust pressing soul to each word.

I was called by the cousin Mini - Mikhail Konstantinovicha Saksina, Tatyana Pavlovna Butylina. At a meeting told that M. K. Saksin is live and healthy. He was at war in the Great Patriotic War, graduated from academy of Zhukovsky, then became the programmer. For a long time on pension, but works - teaches at one of the Fundamentals of Health and Safety Moscow schools.

It was live and Mityusha mentioned in the diary, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Butylin, he lived in. Zhukovsky Moscow region.

The integrity of soul, the positive relation to life that distinguished the boy writing diaries were inherent, according to Tatyana Pavlovna, to her cousin and half a century later. He inherited these lines from the parents, from the father, Konstantin Mikhaylovich.

About Saksin - the senior I was told by Victor Fedorovich Shchelyakov living in the childhood in the neighbourhood from Saksiny and Butyliny. Also Tatyana Ivanovna Kuznetsova shared reminiscence.

I told results of these researches to Vladimir Glukhov, he transferred the data and addresses received by me from interlocutors to Maria Volkova who, at last, and met with Mikhail Konstantinovich about what presented everything on the same To a top wasp report.

I will add still that I describe events of 2003. Now diaries still lie in a network. It is a pity that business did not reach the paper publication of this unique document. With illustrations - as the author not bad drew, supplemented texts with very quite good drawings - the book would look perfectly.