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Why to study the history

Person initially, being a being curious, was interested in in history . And it is not important whose is history. History person, state, and maybe whole world. To glance in the past, to learn to mistakes of ancestors, to receive lessons of failures and falling, to analyse a situation in the present - oh as happens it is necessary. Where still to take council as not at history. Last not to change

as do not try, and here the present and, especially, the future, so far it did not become the past, the person to change in forces.

Well, and, at last, to be glad, become proud of the ancestors. To feel the successor of great customs and customs, to understand regularities of transformation of ideas to material things and acts, to realize the participation in the events in the present and responsibility for it to the descendants.

All this is provided by history, constantly proving the need not only for scientific circles, but also for affairs everyday, household. History showed to

the recurrence more than once. A difference only in time and characters. But events - that repeat. Also repeat with enviable frequency.

cannot tell that history does not show us times, for example, of disintegration of the uniform state on certain and independent territories? It is impossible. There was it already.

Or, for example, attempts of expansion of the Russian state from the countries of Europe? Too was. And repeatedly.

I of such examples if to look narrowly more attentively, it is possible to find huge weight and, to analyse respectively: as all these things passed as they were allowed how to get out of them.

of Lessons weight also belong they not only to the state in general, but also to the specific person. Not for nothing authoritative scientists compare life and functioning of the state to life and functioning of the certain person.

is clear, of course, that thoroughly, in all manifestations and variations, history cannot simply be studied. It is impossible to claim with an accuracy what thought of and that this or that character felt or what was an incitement to certain actions and what reasons at this push since history is not only the list of the actions arranged chronologically, but also an interlacing of much bigger quantity of factors, than time, a location and the area.

On the one hand it makes heavier studying of history, and with another, does this process is unique interesting and intriguing as, understanding prichinno - investigative communications of the event which took place during this or that period, it becomes clear and clear that ancestors were not backward savages, and could, knew and were able something like that that it is useful everywhere and at all times.