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The smartphone or communicator what to choose?

Many are familiar with concepts of smartphones and communicators. Sales of these devices from year to year promptly go up, and many of us already became happy owners of these mnogfunktsionalny devices. However some users up to the end do not understand, than differ the smartphone from a communicator, the ordinary mobile phone from the smartphone, a communicator from a PDA. This article will help to understand variety of smartphones and communicators and to orient at the choice of future device.


the Smartphone (smartphone) - clever phone, in other words - phone with ample opportunities. The main difference of the smartphone from the mobile phone is that the smartphone works on an operating system of open type: Symbian (it is generally used on the devices Nokia), Windows Mobile or Linux, with a possibility of installation of the software adapted under them. It is caused by multifunctionality of smartphones since its task not only to make calls, but also to carry out the PPC (pocket personal computer) functions.


the Communicator is actually a PDA with the built-in GSM/GPRS the module. He carries out functions of the personal computer, allows to make phone calls and to go on-line. Communicators also work under control of OS, however smartphones have great opportunities, than, and smartphones, in turn, have broader multimedia functions. The prices both of communicators, and of smartphones remain rather high, however quite budgetary decisions in both categories appeared recently.

In other words, the smartphone is a mobile phone with the PDA functions, and the communicator is a pocket computer with functions of phone. Still some time ago smartphones and communicators considerably differed on appearance, smartphones resembled mobile phones more, had the digital keyboard, and communicators differed in rather impressive sizes, had the big diagonal of the screen and the touch display. Now the thin side between these categories of mobile devices is gradually erased, in connection with variety of models, use of various data input devices, existence of the touch screen both on smartphones, and on communicators. Besides communicators became more tiny, big diagonal is not advantage any more, the attention is paid to a display resolution.

So what to pay attention at the choice of the mobile device to? It is of course functionality of model, its opportunity, the characteristic and the price. Let`s consider them in more detail.

Speed and memory

Speed of the device depends on the clock frequency of the processor on the basis of which it works. Not the last role is played by optimization OS, the sizes and resolution of screens so productivity depends on the clock frequency of the processor not linearly. Capacious memory - one more component of comfortable work with the mobile device. However the built-in memory can always be expanded at the expense of flash - the card. Card slots of memory can be as in face part of the smartphone or a communicator, and under the rechargeable battery. The most high-speed processors and good random access memory equipped with

smartphones: Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani, Samsung I5700, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9000, Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB, Nokia E55, Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB

communicators: HTC HD2, HTC MAX 4G T8290, HTC Hero, RoverPC Evo V7, RoverPC Evo X8

the Screen

If you are going to use often the Internet, to watch movies, to work with video, then the screen has to have a resolution not less than 240320 pixels and have a possibility of transfer of a large amount of colors. The advanced models are equipped with screens with the resolution of 480800 pixels, it is

smartphones: Nokia N900, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, T - Mobile MDA Compact V, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2, Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani

communicators: HTC HD2, HTC MAX 4G T8290, HTC Touch HD T8282, HTC Touch Pro2

the Price

Above we told to

about existence of the budgetary models of smartphones and communicators. Here some of them

smartphones: Sony Ericsson g900, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 6730 Classic, Nokia 6720 Classic

communicators: GigaByte GSmart i120, HTC Touch P3450, GigaByte GSmart MW700, Asus P750, Asus P527, HTC Touch Viva T2223, HTC Touch P3452, GigaByte GSmart MW998, RoverPC Evo V7

Additional opportunities

it is possible to refer multimedia functions with the emphasis on music, video, a photo, games To additional opportunities. Smartphones possess them generally, communicators are rather decisions for business. Such functions as existence of GPS of navigation, the accelerometer, TV - the tuner will be useful to some. Today producers offer a set of interesting models, choose, proceeding from the desires and opportunities.