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Signs of students during examinations.

[img=imageshack. us/img685/6703/11111xe. jpg] Most of people are, as a rule, superstitious

therefore one through a shoulder plyuyot if suddenly the black cat steals a march, others on a floor knock a fork in order that the angry uncle did not come. But especially students differ against others. During examination and session they carry out various customs and rituals. Probably, all know about a freebie arrive! ? It is the most widespread ritual of students before session which many observe. But there are a lot more other rituals and customs which students observe not to remain with the empty record book after session. by

the Freebie, be caught!

It is the ritual which is quite extended among students. The essence of ritual consists in that to catch a freebie . If to speak more precisely, then her student can catch when exposes the opened record book in a window, and then will cry out a freebie, a freebie, be caught! . After that it has to close immediately the record book and to show it to nobody before the end of session. There is a probability that if loudly to shout, then the freebie will surely come.

One of the most widespread signs at students: by

* the Freebie, be caught! (it is given above).

* When you will go for examination, do not forget to put to yourself under a heel a copper five-copeck coin.

* At night before examination needs to be put to itself under a pillow of a piece of paper with numbers of tickets. When you wake up, pull out and look at number. Number which will appear on a piece of paper has to get to you and at examination.

* you Can turn all chairs and stools to top legs, to good luck.

* Before an exit from the house do not forget to take with yourself a mascot. before examination be taken for it.

* it is necessary to Reach higher education institution by the checked ways, on it already, once it was lucky.

* Should be paid surely for journey in public transport

Absurd signs

* How many you would have no examinations, it is not necessary to come every time to examination in the same clothes. Also it is not necessary to erase it. And if at the first examination you received a bad note, then it is necessary to replace clothes.

* should not wash the head before examination. Otherwise you can forget everything that was so long learned. Still it is impossible to have a shave and be cut, it is impossible to bathe, and also to comb wet hair and to be painted. It is also not necessary to make a bed before leaving on examination.

* Before an exit needs to eat only one piece of rye bread and more nothing is and not to drink.

Cheerful signs

* Say that if to get drunk before the examination, then anyway you will hand over on five.

* If cribs correspond to all tickets, then you will surely hand over.

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