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The child often is ill?

If the child often are ill, parents, as a rule, see in it exclusively medical problem. But it not always so. There are cases when psychological and even pedagogical factors are the reasons of frequent diseases.

I would pay attention to three main not medical reasons, helping to children to be ill more often.

1. Cunning Inflammation . Here everything is clear to

. An illness - a good way to avoid undesirable activity or to receive some indulgences. Agree, the vast majority of parents at an illness of the child begin to show to him special attention, treat it more tenderly, allow not to do it nurseries duties (the same cleaning of the room), buy to it more delicacies and sweets both other and other. It is natural that the child, be not a fool, at once realizes that an illness - a peculiar admission in sweet life. I am ill, and parents pay me more attention - means, it is good to be ill; means, the thicket should hurt . Such thinking is very dangerous as, from the medical point of view, love to an illness - this subconscious decrease in own immunity. Not only a sound mind in a sound body but also the state of mind directly influences physical health. You and for certain noticed it.

2. Bed rest.

the Bed rest for the child is as office work for the truck driver When you got used to the movement, it is difficult to sit out long on one place. Children differ from adult in the fact that their internal and external activity are closely interconnected. The adult can endure rough internal experiences, without showing them externally (a good example - reading the book). The child, if it is active internally, has to show it and in the actions: to investigate, learn, collect, to sort, stick with a stick and it is even simple to run. He only began to live and he should learn this world, to be gathered feelings, impressions, and is equal and experience is needs of nature. And here lie to yourself for days on end in a bed and perish with boredom. Thus, the bed rest is necessary only in really hard cases, it only harms the rest. But it does not mean that you have to force the sick child to play soccer of :)

3. Excessive concern of parents.

Yes. Excessive concern. To worry for the child - it is normal. But it is worth doing it not so obviously. When parents with the worried looks sigh and gasp near the sick child, sigh and lament moreover and share at him with each other the fears - to the patient it does not do well (yes it in principle disrespectfully - to say about the person in the third party at his presence). For the child not so important that you say how many your intonations and a mimicry are important. And as he trusts parents, he is convinced of the " once again; heavy situation: yes, time parents so worry, I am really sick and my affairs are bad . And it besides aggravates an illness from purely medical point of view.

Further it is accepted to write something it seems what can be advised . But I am sure, any parent himself will draw all conclusions, necessary for himself and to himself will give necessary advice. Two national sayings will be my councils: to go on foot - to live long and if you want to be healthy - become tempered .

Good luck be also not ill! :)