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Shelter houses of the doctor

Likely almost all houses have a houseplant. Well at least some semi-dried-up cactus. In plastmassovo - metal city life - life is not enough for all of us green naturalness. I especially sharply began to feel it at work... Around computers and conditioners, equal similarity of rooms slightly dements. To a look it is simple - there is nothing to catch. So brought to itself couple of friends today. After a long gugleniye rather - the visual analysis showed that it is the Sansevieria and Blossfeld`s Kalanchoe. Both are succulents (the plants accumulating water in leaves that long time helps to hold on without water) - just the fact that it is necessary, considering my general irresponsibility and forgetfulness. Almost cactuses (cactuses it seems too carry to succulents), few times in a month it is possible to remember that it would be time to water them :)

the Sansevieria still call the Pike tail and Mother-in-law`s language. Probably, from - for leaves in the form of wide triangles.

of Chemically useful connections as a part of its greens is not a lot of. That is the sansevieria is not house a miracle - the doctor as, for example, scarlet. It is only possible to note the high content of saponin - " soaps;. At the use inside they cause laxative effect :) Also saponina are a part of any expectorant means. But sansevieria value in another. This plant is the powerful phytofilter. Considering that in the enclosed space, such as the apartment and office, concentration of harmful substances often exceed extent of air pollution even on the brisk highway (!) - the advantage is not small. The sansevieria actively fights even against formaldehyde molecules which are very widespread in our house atmosphere. It increases activity of our respiratory enzymes, normalizes a metabolism, restores kislotno - alkaline balance of blood, reduces arterial pressure, increase the muscular force and endurance of an organism to influence of adverse factors.

the American scientists, representatives of NASA (who as though have nothing to be engaged more :)), allocated with the researches the most effective fighters against harmful chemistry - it is a chlorophytum crested and our good familiar sansevieria. And still: tincture from leaves of a sansevieria is used at an inflammation of appendages, and warm juice is dug in in ears for anesthesia. But pregnant women should avoid acceptance of juice of this plant inside.

Here is how will be possible to look my sansevieria when blossoms

of the Kalanchoe of Blossfeld is not less remarkable. The aloe and kalanchoe in principle are conformable, and there is also a lot of useful properties at a kalanchoe, as well as at scarlet. This plant from family tolstyankovy, as well as the well-known monetary tree. Actually my the kalanchoe is a decorative type of the Kalanchoe Kalandiva brought from Blossfeld`s Kalanchoe.

Juice of this plant - a biostimulator, has protivovosplitelny properties, destroys bacteria, a mold and viruses. Fresh juice of a kalanchoe heals wounds, ulcers, burns and frostbites. At cold it is possible to dig in juice in a nose. At tonsillitis rinse a throat the kalanchoe juice diluted with water. Tincture of a kalanchoe the varicosity, decubituses at heavy patients treat, accept inside at stomach diseases, a hypertension, etc. Tincture helps and at stings of insects.