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What is Alligatorova pear ?

With development of market economy in Russia of the shelf of supermarkets captivated mysterious exotic fruits. And to understand these carambolas, mango unprecedented hitherto, a pomelo, guavas and other it was not represented possible. But gradually timid Russian buyer got gradually used to tainsvenny forms and coloring. It was unknown whom that first hero who indecisively gave a hand to strange fruit and put them in the consumer basket. And for it was already followed by the others, having convinced previously that our pioneer survived :)

Still many try to avoid exotic fruits. And it is absolutely vain! Vitamins, enzymes, unusual taste, good mood and the whole range of poleznost - here than threaten to us surprising fruit. Well there can be still an accustoming. I, for example, became the real fan of avocado :) Also I want to tell about it.

of Avocado as it is not strange, the relative to all of us a familiar lavrushka. That that we put in soups and which grows everywhere, almost at a weed, in the Caucasus. At Avocado a set of other names: Perseus`s

American, in England call him Alligatorovy pear (alligator pear), Aztecs called this " fruit; Forest " oil; (Auakatl). Its pulp and the truth is similar to oil - fat and slightly sweetish. Strict vegetarians and those who keep the figure can use avocado instead of butter in sandwiches. Caloric content of this fruit is quite high - 118 kcal on 100 g of pulp, and fat content can reach 30%.

At the choice of avocado in shop should pay attention to softness of a fruit and color of a peel. A ripe fruit quite soft, and it it is dark - the green peel can have black strips and points. There is an avocado it is possible a spoon. Fruit is cut in half, take out a large stone and a teaspoon scrape out pulp. The peel acts in quality plateaus from which eat, then it can be thrown out. The stone can be put. Last time very tasty ripe avocado, grain inside even got to me the sprout burst and seemed. If to remove the top layer of a stone, it is possible to put it to the earth (the lower wide party) at once. Or, without deleting a grain cover, it is possible to do three - four small holes at it on each side, and having inserted matches there, to suspend over a glass of water, having shipped partially in liquid. I do not know whether it is possible to expect that room avocado will begin to fructify, but I hope for it :)

of Avocado - very valuable product. Besides application instead of butter, it is used in salads and vegetarian beaters. That the pulp of avocado kept saturated taste, color longer and was not oxidized, it is possible to add lemon juice. In spite of the fact that this fruit is rich with fats, they are easily acquired by an organism. Therefore even big fans of avocado can are not afraid to grow stout. On the contrary, the substances which are contained in this fruit lower cholesterol level. Thanks to serotonin, avocado calms nervous system. Alligatorova a pear - the courageous fighter against carcinogens and wrinkles. And vitaminno - any fruit can envy mineral structure of avocado: here and potassium, copper, a large amount of digestible fats, mineral salts, vitamins C, E, B6, K etc. of

unusual taste of avocado is not pleasant to Some at once. But after two - three tastings be sure that alligatorov the pear will not leave you indifferent. And at the next visit of a supermarket be not surprised if your hand itself stretches for forest " oil;.