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What exercises of yoga are suitable for pregnant women?

of the Yogi for pregnant women - one of the best ways of relative simplification of pregnancy and preparation for childbirth. The yoga allows to learn to control the breath, the body, the mind. Thanks to the fact that the yoga can be adapted for any person experts can create programs of yoga for pregnant women. These programs, at first sight, not strongly differ, and include the same set of exercises. The yoga for pregnant women has to be safe - therefore it is necessary to be engaged under the sensitive guide of the skilled instructor.

Occupations by yoga should be begun in an office of the doctor conducting your pregnancy with discussion of a question of an opportunity to register in a yoga class for pregnant women. The doctor gave green light? It is time to start search of studio and the good teacher of yoga for pregnant women. It should be noted that the yoga instructor will not approach, only the qualified yoga instructor for pregnant women has to train you - as only he will be able to pick up the individual program of training depending on your features.

Exercises of yoga for pregnant women, or asanas, it is necessary to carry out accurately, as much as possible relaxing muscles. The room has to be well aired. Is not strongly recommended to begin occupations on a full stomach - therefore for one and a half - two hours before training should not be eaten.

After training in some exercises in studio your instructor can give a green light to independent occupations of the house. Occupations in a house situation are often more effective. Turn on the meditative music, put a soft rug on a floor and practice yoga. Thanks to the nature of yoga which exercises are not difficult for an organism at all it is possible to be engaged every day. It is worth making a daily routine in which to bring exercises of yoga, meditation, a pranayama, deep relaxation, also bandkh are wise.

Remember several rules:

- Felt discomfort - stop exercise. Your child will feel this discomfort too.

- On the first and third trimesters be especially careful.

- Exercises in which big loading is the share of large muscles of a body cannot be done during pregnancy. So blood casts to these muscles that badly affects development of the kid.

- the Exercises increasing body temperature are excluded. It also makes negative impact on development of your child.

What exercises of yoga are suitable for pregnant women:

1. A pose of the Cat - Cows, or a pelvic inclination. Helps from back pains.

2. Pose of the Weaver or Shoemaker. This position pmogat to open a basin, at the same time strengthens the top parts of legs.

3. A pose on cards. Also strengthens legs and opens a basin. Late months it is not necessary to squat without support for yoga.

4. Pose of the Soldier of I. Reduces radiculitis and waist pain. Strengthens joints, improves balance.

5. Pose of the Soldier of II. The Pose of the Soldier of I has the same advantages, as.

6. Tree pose. Improves work of a vestibular mechanism. Reduces poyasnichno - sacral radiculitis.

7. Pose of the Dog Muzzle down. Serves for activization of work of internals. This exercise should not be carried out on the third trimester.

8. A pose Lying on one side. The position helps to have a rest after classes.

The skilled instructor not only will make for you a complex of various exercises of yoga for pregnant women, but also modernizes these exercises especially for you. You - are unique, also life in you is unique. It is impossible to create one program for all - some at least changes, most likely, will be carried out for you.