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How to leave road accident with the smallest problems

At all your desire , can happen so that road accident will not be possible to avoid. Also it is necessary to try to get out of the arisen situation with the minimum losses.

In - the first , try to leave from a head-on collision. Do everything from you possible not to meet head-on. As the statistics shows , head-on collisions are most dangerous, and at them the greatest number of the victims and victims appears.

Leaving from front blow do not forget to dump speed to minimum possible.

At the ABS system which is available on the car is simple to make it. You need to press only against the stop a pedal of a brake and to try steering the car, to direct it in necessary on board. But here if such system on the car is not provided, then when braking just it is not necessary to press a brake pedal into a floor. In this case wheels will break in a skid and the car will become uncontrollable. From you in this case it will be required to reap falteringly on a brake pedal, thereby without allowing the car to break in a skid. It will be better if you begin to maneuver a wheel here and there when braking. It will allow to dump speed more optimum.

It is also possible to help during the braking and maneuver to itself the emergency brake. Having blocked back wheels, it is possible to send the car to the necessary party. But do not forget to disconnect a bench hammer after maneuver.

Before collision nestle that there are forces to a sitting back, and rest the left leg against a floor. And the most important, do not throw a wheel at all. Holding a wheel in hand, you will be able to operate the vehicle till last second.

Also safety of passengers cars depends on its brand and the producer. Latest models of AvtoVAZ, as well as the foreign car most rescue the passengers from road accident consequences. For that classical models of Zhiguli, on the contrary, have no what systems of passive safety, and active safety is at such level that about any protection and there cannot be also a speech. By the way, head-on collisions are most dangerous to these models. At such blow, the body of the classical car of AvtoVAZ is deformed and by that blocks all doors. And the blocked doors can become an additional source of emergence of danger to life and to health of passengers of the car.

Also safety of passengers is influenced also by car weight. At collision of the ordinary car and the heavy truck, the greatest damage will be sustained by the car. Here it is all about laws of physics and a difference of mass of the faced ph.

Right after collision, assess a situation and it is quiet, without panic, begin to give help needing it. And then call crew of traffic police on the scene