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Why to step on a rake!?

Hi, friends.

to Master skill of sponsoring in MLM is, of course, an important step, but it is only the first step which overcoming does not grant to you yet the right to count on stable business.

the Following step which should be done to any who is aimed on long-term stable and, the main thing, the business which is bringing in the passive income is to teach to repeat your actions of partners.

Here also begin the most painful rake on which practically all step. In due time and I did not become an exception. The desire to help partners to receive quicker result forces to put in them a lot of time, to tell everything, to explain, warn against mistakes, to show technical subtleties and nuances. I.e. training is reduced to the fact that you give instructions of type make, make it, so it is not necessary, it is necessary here so if suddenly it did not turn out, I will prompt what to correct. Such system of training is very extended by

around the world today. But she trains excellent performers. Here also it turns out that, sponsoring the partners, you receive excellent performers who do everything as you will tell.

at the same time at them the initiative and independence does not develop, there is no sense of responsibility since everything is solved for them and the one who solved - YOU has to answer. At all not business where everyone creates the future, and some hired work where you the chief, and your partners subordinates turns out. And each following line deep into from you becomes worse.

of MLM business means training not of performers, and heads - leaders, specialists in the solution of problems, but not implementation of instructions.

the Alternative way of cultivation of professionals is called Coaching . In brief it is in to the maximum to force your partners not to learn instructions, and to include and develop brains. You only ask questions on which the trainee himself looks for answers. At the same time the person himself fills to himself cones, steps on all rake on which you stepped earlier, but leaves the tempered leader, but not a hothouse plant.

Mastering this technique is not always given simply, but for a start I recommend to find and read the book Coaching of high efficiency John Whitmore, you will not regret precisely.

Grow up leaders - only it will allow to depart from affairs to young people and the rich:)

Progress, Dmitry Zhilin.