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What is dress - a code?

of of Dress - a code are the ordered clothes style. First of all, it is the element influencing image of the organization. In the foreign and large Russian companies of the rule dress - a code can be stated in the charter of the company, or in labor contracts of employees, can make a reservation at employment, be regulated by other internal administrative documents. In many firms strict observance dress - a code surely Monday through Thursday, and on Friday clothes style is permissible any (within reasonable).

Exists two main clothes styles: formal and informal.

of Formal clothes style is obligatory for those who need to communicate with clients, to hold the presentations, otherwise, to represent the company in external business environment.


to Women needs to have several suits, and skirts should not be overknee and too narrow. It is admissible to ­ suit polneniye various accessories and not numerous uk ­ rasheniye, thanks to which any office suit it is easily possible overweight ­ ti in the category informal as that is quite often demanded by corporate evenings and receptions. The suit can be trouser or yubochny with a ­ blouse; mi or thin jumpers, undershirts. The white blouse by tradition is considered universal option. Suit, on the contrary, dale ­ wives to be dark, quiet color. The footwear has to be in a faultless state on a low steady heel with the closed cape. Is important : even during a heat to the lady of a nepozvola ­ to appear telno on a workplace without tights.

Hair have to be accurately set, you should not use also heavy spirits with sweet saturated aromas.


to Men needs to be had not me ­ it three suits of quiet flowers (black, gray, it is dark - blue, beige), which can be diversified with daily shift of a tie and shirt. In office it is impossible to put on a butterfly - it is the evening element of clothes suitable for Torahs ­ zhestvenny cases. Belt, as well as footwear, has to be black color. If at office not really strict style is accepted, it is admissible to carry trousers with a jumper darkly - blue or a cher ­ leg of color. Socks have to be dark coloring, under a suit, and rather long that it was not visible a naked leg when the man sits down. Ideal addition ­ I eat to a portrait of the business man the good leather briefcase serves.

Informal style in clothes is admissible in many firms on Fridays, and also on various corporate actions and holidays.


Despite the non-working atmosphere, on informal actions with colleagues it is necessary to adhere to reserved and elegant style without searches.

Can put on a dress, trousers with a blouse without jacket, to add more accessories. Nevertheless, shoes have to be with the closed cape. You Should not be zealous with a make-up though it also can be brighter, than usually.


Men can refuse a tie, put on more free suit (for example, linen), or to combine a shirt with trousers without jacket. It is also possible to remember a shirt - a polo.



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I Hope, these data will help you to create and strengthen image of the professional and to achieve great success in career.