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Essential oils

Essential oils have a big range of beneficial and cosmetic influence because of existence in their composition of 400 - 500 complex organic substances of various chemical structure. Essential oils express anti-inflammatory, antimicrobic, disinfecting, and the few from oils - mikoseptichesky, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-virus properties. Useful properties of essential oils are concluded also that, at any method of application, especially in the lowest doses, oils are strong regulators psycho - emotional mood.

Applying odorous oils as cosmetics to external application in any ways, you can regulate one reception through olfactory bodies and skin a functional condition of various bodies and systems of an organism in general, to eliminate many painful states and to avert manifestations of a number of diseases. Methods of use of essential oils to a chrezvychaynost are available, simple, pleasant in life, on the way, at sports activities, in sanatoria for any age category and child care medical institutions, beginning from the birth and till a deep maturity. In total - before application they should be carried out test on individual sensitivity of a smell of essential oil by putting mix of oils (one drop of essential oil on one tablespoon of vegetable oil) on a wrist or on skin in the place of an elbow bend. Lack of negative reaction (irritation of skin, discomfort) will allow to use essential oil in various ways.

Ancient art of an aromatherapy returns itself former glory, since Cleopatra women knew how an aromatherapy, aromatic essential oils will help to become even more beautiful and desired. And not incidentally the aromatherapy is often called an aromamagiya, competently picked up smells will help to solve problems of rejuvenation, health, to make you sexual, attractive, to give confidence and strength.

And still essential oils and an aromatherapy are called Live cosmetics for the reason that it is only natural structures, really live cosmetics, without additives and preservatives which the organism favorably perceives at the natural level.