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How to earn from the blog? In the RuNet is 5

of the simplest and working ways to earn money on the blog (by my experience, the income in $1000 a month can quite be reached for several months of work on the blog).

Way No. 1: Sale of the services

This way today the best in the RuNet. It perfectly is suitable for people who can offer something to the Internet - audiences. Programmers, journalists, designers, copywriters, psychologists, kouch and other people, whose services it is possible to sell Online, through blogs are on sale just perfectly. I have an acquaintance who earns $5000 a month from the blog, training people in development of hearing and voice training. The line of clients to it is built for the months ahead. And it was made only by one blog!

Way No. 2: Earnings on partner programs

This way it is perfectly possible for

to trade if there is no opportunity to sell something special. On the Internet today a huge number of partner programs. Many offer solid percent that you will bring to them clients. Readers of your blog will be able quite to be such clients. If you make the blog about mobile phones, then easily it is possible to connect the partner program large the Internet - the shop trading in mobile equipment and to advertize it on pages of the blog.

Way No. 3: Invited papers

This way gains steam more and more though it is not so profitable as the first two. It cannot bad be combined with earnings on partner programs. The essence of this way is that you write reviews of some goods or services, and in exchange earn any reward. Actually your task is to write a review article about a product. It is similar to the paid response.

For example, in America producers of laptops, phones and various electronics ask bloggers to write the review about some novelty, and to keep the device as a gift. Very few people refuse the brand new laptop. In the RuNet it is still possible to receive a free hosting, free access to some paid service, or just money for it.

Way No. 4. Sale of references

It is no secret that purchase and sale of references today - large business. On it all search promotion is constructed. Your blog is an excellent place where it is possible to sell references. Today in the RuNet it is very popular. Many blogs earn up to $3000 a month from sale of references. At the same time it is actually passive income. The main objective is here to untwist the blog, but it is not as difficult as it seems. If you want to make so that the blog brought money, even at the small number of readers - this way for you.

Way No. 5: Sale of advertizing, sponsorship and context

In fact, means this way of earnings that you place certain advertizing blocks for which you are paid by the advertiser in the blog. Traditional sale of advertizing is usually paid or for the number of displays of a banner, or during placement (for example, in a month). Sponsorship means that at the beginning and at the end of each message in the blog you write: Sponsor of this message of LLC Horns and Hoofs or something like it with reference to the sponsor`s website. Usually here the fixed price is paid for each message. And contextual advertizing (Google Adwords, Yandeks Direkt, etc.) usually pays to you cliques for their announcements.

All these ways perfectly work for earnings at the blog, many them them can be combined, supplemented with each other, but some are not recommended to be combined. For example, if you advance the services and hang up a contextual advertizing. The contextual advertizing will just advertize your competitors. And it is not favorable.