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You know, in how many time some plants are more sweet than sugar?

Eh, as the grass is always greener on the other side! Here, for example, in Venezuela. Became thirsty - and on you. Please! Find a tree galaktodendron and drink its lacteal juice - to taste it is cream with sugar! And on structure juice of a dairy tree is close to cow`s milk. And it is not necessary to graze such cow If to boil this juice, tasty curds will turn out.

It would be pleasant to sweet teeth on the islands of Oceania. There the nice tropical trees entirely covered with yellow fruits grow. They are such sweet that the tree and is called - " cake;.

To fans of candies the candy, or izyumny Japanese tree - a hoveniye sweet would attract. This treats ekzot family of krushinovy. But a candy tree - with hitretsy. Its main sense is concluded not in balsas - such dry highlights, and in the inflorescence holding them - it juicy and tasty. However, highlights too nothing to taste, give rum a little.

The most sweet plant on the earth - a bush ketemf, containing the substance toumatin surpassing in sweet sugar by 100000 times also grows in the Western Africa!

And here the amusing plant kalir - the edging grows in the woods of India that in translation means deceive a stomach . If to eat couple of its leaflets, you feel satiety the whole week. At the same time no nutrients contain in leaves of this plant. But its surprising property to create illusion of satiety allowed physicians to develop pharmaceutical preparations for the people wishing to get rid of surplus of weight.

And to whom excess weight is not terrible, welcome to a breadfruit tree. It grows, however, too not at us - in Oceania. Trees of the sort Artocarpus of family of mulberry fructify loaves which weight reaches 12 kg! Of course, such at once to a table you will not give a loaf. But grain the tree was called not just like that: in pulp of its fruits the starch turning in process of maturing into dough collects! Do drinks of immature fruits, and from ripe - bake something, similar to bread. The Indian breadfruit tree is even larger - loaves happen to meter in the diameter. Also these grow " bread; not on branches, and directly on a trunk - branches would not sustain such weight! In Africa there is the breadfruit tree - a trakuliya. It brings rolls to a half a meter in the diameter, weighing up to 14 kg.

And to use bread from vegetable rolls it is quite possible with analog of butter - the thickened juice of nuts of the palm tree growing on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It is a pity only, as to it to us it is far