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How it is correct to repair the mobile phone?

the Winter, frosty weather, the frozen slow hands inopportunely sprained a wash-tub with borsch It is not excluded that one of these factors will become the reason of delivery of your phone in repair.

Fell to snow

Winter - nearly the most dangerous time for life of your mobile phone. In - the first, on a frost the device easily can slip out zadubevshy hands and crash down on asphalt. In - the second, you for certain will take part in ten - the second New Year`s celebrations after which it is almost impossible to remember when you used phone last time and where thrust it...

One of standard mobile tragedies - falling of the device which, in turn, can be both usual, and accompanied with water procedures, i.e. with an okunaniye in water, beer or above-mentioned borsch.

First - safer as comes to an end, as a rule, with damage of the case. Well, in that case for a set replaceable panelek it is necessary to lay out about 100 hryvnias (and if dropped there were Nokia 7250 and 6610, new clothes for them will cost couple of hundreds, hryvnias, of course). I Will add

that the most weak spot of phone, i.e. most often suffering when falling the display - especially is in case glass unary.

Is quieter than others owners of Siemens mobile phones in which two glasses are established - external (transparent plastic of the replaceable panel) and the basic (the display of the device on which there is also a protective film) can sleep.

The result of falling with an okunaniye (as it is banal, but most often phones fall in a toilet bowl) is more tragic - the tube can will not join any more. If similar occurred, it is worth taking immediately the battery and to disassemble phone: to remove replaceable panels if those are available, to dry a tube and prepares that the guarantee for phone is from this point invalid.

The matter is that immersion on small depths the guarantee agreement did not provide. Repair will cost you in rather strong money, depending on a damage rate - how many it is necessary to pay, learn directly from the employee of the service center. Undoubtedly, in that case the mobile phone needs to be born in the specialized center of the producer or in the certified service - the center, for example, in Astel . Perhaps, it will be rather simple to your phone to reinstall an insertion in order to avoid post-traumatic glitches and on it repair will end. Besides you for certain should buy the new battery - the price of new Li - Ion of the accumulator of average capacity varies around 150 hryvnias.

There are also absolutely interesting damages which in the serious service centers will eliminate absolutely free of charge - replacement of the keyboard fulfilled as a result of the active SMS set or one separate key.

Unfortunately to speak about the concrete prices of certain breakages, such as replacement of the loudspeaker, it is impossible. This sum will become known only after survey by the expert and passing a verdict. Besides, to save terribly earned money, I do not advise to buy the mobile phone without guarantee certificate of the company - producer - at least because it confirms authenticity of the device and guarantees its working capacity during all warranty period.