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Thin cracks. How to make beautiful features ?

A fast and not difficult way to decorate the life author`s compositions and elements of an interior. For this purpose, personally from you, except the materials which are listed below it will be required: assiduity, taste existence, the minimum skills of work with a brush and paints, desire to be engaged in it.

the Tray with tulips



brushes, napkins;

paint - a contour;

acrylic paints;

krakelyurny a varnish (gummilak) on alcohol;

pokryvny a varnish (GUM - arabik);

a patina on a wax basis or bituminous mastic.

1. We TRANSLATE a pattern to a tray through a carbon paper.

2. We LEAD ROUND on a contour a pattern gold planimetric paint - a reserve and we paint with acrylic paints inside.

3. We COVER gummilaky all surface of a tray, trying not to carry out by a brush twice in one place. We allow to dry up (1 hour).

After that we apply a varnish coat on a water basis (GUM - arabik). The varnish which is self-leveled also dries quickly, in 20 - 30 minutes.

4. We PUT mastic on a napkin and we begin to rub clean cracks roundabouts, instantly removing surplus a dry napkin.

Depending on desirable effect, it is possible to start a zatirka at different times: or at emergence of large cracks or when smaller appear. We allow to dry (24 hours).

the Ancient casket



wooden basis;

soil for a decoupage;

decorative napkins;

glue for a decoupage;

krakelyurny a varnish (on the basis of solvent);

krakelyurny a varnish (on a water basis);

hair dryer;

brushes, rags;



oil paint.

1. a casket surface also we apply to OShKURIVAEM soil for a decoupage. We separate the top layer of a napkin, we cut out and we paste it on a cover.

2. We PUT krakelyurny a varnish on the basis of solvent and we allow it to dry (4 - 6 hours). Then we put a varnish on a water basis and we accelerate drying process by the hair dryer.

Cracks begin to appear: than the put varnish coat is thicker and the brush is wider, the size of cracks will be larger.

3, 4. We SHOW cracks, rubbing fingers oil paint. By means of a cotton rag we clean surplus of paint, the desirable result will not turn out yet.

In three days we consolidate result, having put one more layer of a krakelyurny varnish on the basis of solvent.