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What needs to be done on the first appointment?

What is the most important on the first appointment? Most likely, not to hurry with conclusions and not to go too far. However, there is a weight more of insignificant questions: Whether It is necessary to bring flowers? To whom to pay? To call or not to call? - and a great number of others. We bring to your attention hints for men who gathered for appointment.


Is not the best idea for the first appointment. It is absolutely optional. And if appointment develops not really successfully, she will only be confused in the flowers from the person who is not really interesting to it. It is good to give flowers to the one to whom you are pleasant. And so, really it is pleasant to the pleasant girl to make, it is necessary to send her flowers next day, directly since morning, especially, if the first meeting took place successfully. Attach to them a note, write that yesterday it was very pleasant to you to carry out contain time that you hope to see it again soon and that you will call tonight.

Do not bring flowers. Use a delivery service of flower shops, or as a last resort ask someone from acquaintances or the passerby on the street to become for a while the passionless courier. It will make good impression, and you will not leave it to guess you will call still or not. She will already wait for your call with good mood. Moreover, she, most likely, will manage to ring round all the girlfriends, telling what you attentive and romantic. One zero in your advantage!


Results of one interesting poll show that more than 90% of women are very scrupulous in hygiene questions! It means, at you breath, clean clothes, a good deodorant, clean and accurate nails, and in general a daily shower has to be fresher! Unless it is necessary to add something still?

On a case if you tell it is necessary ... well it is valid, a sweat smell, a bad smell from a mouth, and especially if you also smoked yesterday many saws, will push away anyone. From it it is possible to faint in general, and precisely nobody will kiss you! It is the best way to leave about themselves a bad feeling at the woman who does not know you at all.

Of course, you could have difficulties, you all night long sat at work, or you dragged weights, and now not in the best form. And she will decide that she from you always badly smells because she does not know that usually you are pure and accurate and smell sweet! So all the same find time to make toilet - justifications to you will not be.

Be not LATE!

Consider, this her first impression how everything will go further. If you want that everything turned out, do not keep itself waiting... and whether to guess long to it here still to stand! If you come to it home, try not to arrive too early. It can be not ready yet - you will wait, and she will hurry and be nervous.


When you see it, tell as if to yourself Wow! You are magnificent! but so that she heard you. Tell how remarkably her dress emphasizes color of her eyes. Tell that you very much like its hairdress, tell that it looks incredibly / perfectly / stunningly.


Propuskay forward, hold for it doors, be polite with it and who with it communicates with all. If you go to the car, at first open a door for it and only then sit down. Women really love when they with them are so kind.


Any woman will not agree to spend Friday evening or Saturdays listening to the man who speaks only about himself. Of course, will listen to you, and will ask questions, but only if you are interested in reply in it and with interest to listen that she tells about herself.


to Say scurrilous things it to say: about drugs and friends addicts, how your friends got drunk, and for one and you together with them, about your adventures and communications for one night. You should not sneer at people, to swear, beat breast and to say that you are the best of all. Women will not begin to think from it that you are a cool macho.


If you can pay expenses on the first appointment, then make it. It is a good form. Women should not count or rely on it, some can even insist on payment of a half. If she suggests to pay - politely tell that you would like to make it.


Some consider that you should not kiss in the first appointment. Why? Because it is necessary to lift a sexual inclination that there is one of the most pleasant things in the relations. You will be brought by her hand which incidentally will touch your hand or if you for a moment see her stomach when it reaches for something. Most will be also with it. It will force you to want to kiss each other on the present and if you awake to wait, there are forces so far, then this kiss will be much better and more delightful. How many to wait? Wait so far you will not feel that between your bodies electric sparks slip, then kiss.... WOW! It will be the memorable kiss.


First that I want to tell you... do not say that you will call if you actually think My God, what nightmare! . It is awkward, and you do not know what else to tell, but you really should not lie it. Most of women all the same will guess that you lie. And so you want to know what to tell in such awkward situations when evening already came to an end and you leave... Simple to a meeting accompanied with a smile or Thank you that agreed to meet me will be enough.

If you liked evening, but do not feel sufficient desire to continue courtings, you be more inventive saying to it that you together fine spent time that it was interesting to you to know better it and that you wish it good luck.

And, at last, if you want again will meet it then to you It is necessary to tell it that you were very glad to meet it, thank her for the fact that it with you left, and tell that you really would like to meet it again. Wait for her answer if it does not interest her, its turn came now to express the feelings and if it was pleasant to it, she will be delighted and will agree to your offer. You should not make immediately plans if you want, tell that you will call to discuss them. Also do not forget about number with flowers which is described at the beginning!