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Still Nikolaev`s enterprises

Nikolaev - the large regional center, industrial and a seaport in the south of Ukraine function.

the City is located on confluence the Southern Bug and Ingul, in 80 kilometers from the Black Sea.

The main place in an industrial complex of the city is taken by mechanical engineering and metal working. The shipbuilding and power engineering is most developed. Nikolaev`s plants provide 50% of production of shipbuilding of Ukraine, 90% of the state production of gas turbines, and 80% of alumina.

the largest enterprise of Nikolaev - “ Nikolaev aluminous plant “.

The ship-building complex is presented by three large enterprises of Nikolaev: Black Sea shipbuilding plant, Plant of a name of 61 Communard, and " plant; Ocean “.

Besides, " joint-stock companies; Ayr “ “ Equator “ and “ Crystal “ make the ship equipment.

The port industry is a key factor of commercial and economic development of Nikolaev. The main of export of area passes through ports, generally through the Nikolaev commercial seaport. The main stream of the imported goods from the countries of the Black and Mediterranean Sea goes through Nikolaev`s ports.

The region has a number of the enterprises in the field of agriculture and production of foodstuff which attracts foreign investments.

Industrial outputs for 2009 increased for 0,5%. The greatest rise is recorded in sector of light industry, from 11,3% of total production.

In Nikolaev are located large plant LLC “ Sandora “ letting-out juice and canned food, and " brewery; " Amber;. These trademarks are known in the territory of all Ukraine.

On the sports arena honor of the city successfully protects the FC “Nikolaev“ acting in the second league of the championship of Ukraine on soccer.

In the region about 120 territories and objects prirodno - reserved fund, regional landscape parks " are located; Kinburnsky braid “ and “ Granitno - steppe Pribuzhye “ part “ Black Sea biospheric reserve “ and about 19 parks.

The Nikolaev zoo, the member of the European association of zoos and aquariums, exists more than 100 years, and totals 2500 animals more than 350 types.

Sea sandy beaches of area occupy more than 70 km of the coast of the Black Sea.

Besides, in the region exist reserves of therapeutic muds of Tiligulsky and Beykushansky estuaries.

the Set of firms of Nikolaev offer rest on the coast of the Black Sea, in resort areas of the village of Koblevo and the city of Ochakovo.