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Before beginning the business. Or how not to dig the own grave.

At once to business.

Edited number zero. If you decided to begin with

business and already consider the possibilities. THAT before asking council Motya`s aunt or Petya`s dyata even if they are owners of huge business, properly study this opportunity, and make the independent decision .

Never tell anybody that you are going to begin the business. Otherwise, you know what waits for you ?

About 90% of people close to you, apparently, who believe in you and love, will begin to dissuade and demotivate you. And they will be based that, you allegedly have neither talents, nor communications. What you and so have a work and you receive stable earnings, so why to risk ?

And if you already open the business, we will allow restaurant, and you will tell about it to friends: Hey, I opened the business , restaurant! . That reaction will be perfect another, they will tell: Wow, where to come?

Rule number one .

Before beginning the business, create a financial safety cushion.

What is it? Is the sum of money. At everyone it is individual. To count it, estimate how many for you money it is necessary normally to live month. I mean not to starve, not to freeze, and to live normally. Estimated the sum? Now increase it by three.

That is in case of loss of a workplace or from - for health, you will be able comfortably to feel quite during three months. If you want to treat business seriously, then your pillow of financial safety has to make the sum for which you can live 6 months, i.e. it is twice more than usual.

Put this money in bank and never them touch .

But same will take a lot of time? Yes, and it still will force you to reduce a few the requirements, will teach you to economy and restraint. Therefore finally it will lead you to wealth.

It can take 3, 5, 10 months - it depends entirely on you. You remember the rule of 10%? That it is necessary to postpone the tenth part of your income for the personal account in bank. And so, if you decide to grow rich quickly , then you should lay off 50%!

Rule second. While you create the financial safety, it is a high time to be engaged in massive self-development. Study books on increase in personal efficiency, on psychology of success and art of communication.

And also surely visit trainings and read the literature connected with business which you decided to build.

And only when you created a financial safety cushion, begin the business and everything that from this follows.

You will not waste time. The olive tree grows 100 years before yielding fruits. And you step by step will make the financial freedom, but not earlier, than will take the first step. You remember in forces to enrich your family and to create a dynasty of financially free people!