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Whom men marry?

Recently I saw the photo of the tremendous announcement: “ I Will marry for the period of crisis. I speak a little. I cook well. The head never hurts. ĠĠĠĠĠ " phone;. Simply smart announcement. I wanted to share the impressions with the husband: “ Same it is necessary to tell about himself so cool! “. What he answered: “ It is interesting why I married you? You speak much. You prepare, of course, well. But sometimes you do not prepare at all. And the head of you hurts very often (well literally, of course) “.

It is valid, very interesting why he married me? When we got acquainted, I spoke a little? No there is, so much, how many and now. Prepared, probably, more regularly. In intimate life of problems never was. And the head always hurt often:-).

Then there is other question: “ And why this girl is still not married? “ It seems to us that men do not love when we speak much. Still many of us are sure that it is necessary to be good in housekeeping that you were taken in marriage. It is not clear why then girls who do not know how to cook well marry? Well I remember from the childhood that the father always prepared better, than mother. Also continued to love it.

Here such interesting riddle …

When we, women, ask a question: “ Whom men marry? “ - we want that we were taken in wives. Also we assume that for this purpose we need to conform to some standard, for example: it is not enough to speak and to cook well.

The most unpleasant is that we very much try to squeeze ourselves in the standard standard. For the sake of the man we are ready to change the habits, a way of life, beliefs and even values. And we so strenuously are fond of all this that we forget about ourselves . And, as a result, we lose ourselves.

So here not that?

Very often we raise a question, without understanding that our purpose consists in this question. For example, the woman speaks: “ How to marry? “. Respectively, its purpose - a wedding. And here it is easily possible to forget that behind each ultimate goal there is always a continuation! ALWAYS.

Just imagine what will be BEHIND a wedding? There everyday life will begin. And in them there is simple life which is filled with both pleasure and a grief, and kindness and rage, and hatred and love, and happiness and grief, and pleasure and loneliness …

A think now that you had to refuse the values, beliefs and … yourself. With what you filled yourself in a pursuit of a marriage, will not help you with family life. For one simple reason - it not you. And gradually you begin to come back to yourself, to what you were earlier.

And there is a question: “ Whether your husband Will be agrees to accept you new? “. Such he did not know you. Whether it is better to remain itself at once? Even if you speak much and cook not so well.

Then what for this purpose is necessary? Just correctly ask a question.

Let`s try to formulate correctly a question which herself needs to set. Our choice and, finally, our life depend on what questions ourselves ask ourselves. And if to be more precisely, then what purposes ourselves to ourselves set. For this purpose it is necessary to understand: What do we want in the far future from the joint relations, from life?

I will dare to assume that you not just want to marry. You want that your husband loved you. That the trust reigned in the relations. That you revealed yourself and the potential in a family. That you were idolized. Also considered as the most beautiful woman on light.

Let`s once again try to answer itself a question: “ Whom men marry? “. They marry women who have an energy for preservation of a family. What energy is? It is that energy which allows the woman to conceive. And then to give rise. That energy which allows to defend the man. To wait for it. To divide all troubles which can be in life. To rejoice to victories.

At the same time both the man, and the woman when establish a family, pursue the own aims. Sometimes happens very difficult to understand itself. To define THAT the main thing in the relations. Also there are women who have this knowledge. And they not just know. They use this knowledge. Men give to these women gifts. Look at them eyes in love. Grant their desires. Women feel like Goddesses in these relations.

Also you know that? Men have only 5 intimate secrets which you need to know. And then you will be able to construct too those relations of which you dream. You will be able to receive all that you are worthy!

It is necessary to consider! You have 5 secrets too. They, perhaps, for you and not secrets. But you need to know the female features. It is necessary in order that you felt in the relations easily and surely. You will precisely know that to you to demand from the man. Also you will give it in exchange what is asked by him.

Use secret knowledge which till this time was available only to the little. And you change the life to the best!

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