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How to help our relatives to become happier with us?

Lyubov Latypova,

Certified layf - kouch, the USA

Good morning, Darling!

Mummy, you at me the best!

the Daughter, what you at me the fine fellow!

You can, and I will help you!

You are our example inspiring on feats!

You are our biggest jewelry!

The truth, there is a wish to hear it again and again? And for the sake of these words you are ready to pull up trees. You also turn...

You postpone the affairs for later that means never . You rush to the aid, even when you about it are not asked. You try to guess that want from you, and very much seek to correspond to these measures. You so want to be perfect and sincerely consider that it will make you happier...

And all the same you are not noticed at best, and point your imperfection more often and that at the neighbor " Zhiguli; better . You take it in all good faith, try more and more and are tired more and more. You try to explain, quarrel, sob, instruct or silently suffer...

And once enlightenment suddenly comes: Your aspiration to make the world is better at the price of own happiness actually does life of people around only worse.

you want to return to yourself such what you know at heart. You begin to read remarkable books. You already know many and can explain a lot of things. But...

It absolutely agrees that books give information, and in fact a little what solve... Here I read Five languages of love grew wiser?. Exactly so, to tell now that we get divorced from - for the fact that we did not feel like darlings because we spoke different languages of love... Eh, it would be ridiculous if it was not so sad ...

is a remark of one of participants of training How to help our relatives to become happier with us .

And in general, seemingly, to read such books and to follow their recipes harmfully. At least, two options of succession of events:

you see that changes can alienate you from relatives, and it is too sick, and you refuse conceived;

you begin to move forward above, and all environment right there amicably tries to put you into place.

And you - that wait for support, and this support really oh as is necessary because gnaw doubts because there is no belief in own forces because once again there is a wish to spread straws for relatives, you love them and do not want to hurt them...

All this is very familiar to me - and from own life, and from numerous stories of my clients. Yes, it is the truth that percent on 90 unhappy relations force us to grow. So, all life and to fly in them to feel the uniqueness and need to this world?

By no means. We with participants of training How to help our relatives to become happier with us not just found ways to change our relations with close people to the best, but checked them in practice and were convinced of their efficiency.

LADoshka: I coped, I well done!

Liouba, huge to you thanks for timely training!!!

All - arrives on time the help of the Universe always.

Here also ended month...

Results: we so more also did not swear. The other day intense conversation took place, but I did not begin to boil, quietly stated the point of view, and we understood each other!

Ya the good fellow, coped!

Antonina: My picture after training as early gentle and light morning after dark and long night

I chose as the Partner on study in training the man. We since certain time had rather ambiguous relations and it was not possible to talk about them to it, he refused to come for conversation.

we talked Yesterday to my man on such taboo subject as FEELINGS!!! It was unexpected break! It for me as a big award that I was such what was. This confirmation of that I on a right way. It is absolutely surprising and magically, huh? Hurrah! Hurrah! HURRAH!!!

Ya I can remember a lot more details which at first sight can seem small, but together make a complete picture of what became our relations, and believe me, the picture after training much brighter, more joyful, happier and is lighter, than to it. It as early gentle and light morning after dark and long night .

It is exclusive training for " club; Life of Star Ladies responding to the requests of those who:

Began to change consciously the life to best

Decided to go all the way in change of inefficient habits

Began to try to obtain success, but

did not find support from close

Also wanted to receive it. they it made


Marisha: It is one of the most productive trainings!

For me work in training became the first conscious experience of building relations.

I counted up To it that the only way to observe the interests in the relations - it is rigid to put the person into place. If it leaves after that - well, such is life... The one to whom I am really necessary - will return then.

Now I am very pleased with the fact that there are options less traumatic. And that diplomacy is not weakness, but big Force! It is rigid I will always manage to behave, but as it is frequent, it appears, it is possible to do without it!

is one of the most productive trainings which I passed till today. I changed the relation to the relations:) now I see that to build them - it is interesting! .

Just because training was very effective, I decided not to keep it in club under the lock, and to offer to all who want to grow and become happier with those who nearby, with those whom there is no wish to leave, with those whom it is impossible to leave owing to related communications, and with those, a meeting with whom else ahead.

In this training you learn:

to Find non-standard and effective solutions in the repeating situations

to Change automatic reaction to conscious and effective

to Understand true intentions of the partner

to Express the feelings so that you were understood

to Accept and understand true care of the partner

to Apply new effective habits in the relations with other people

to Help close people to raise and become happier.

Mira: The relations with the husband became more confidential, and I feel like the winner, but in a different way.

I learned to express many feelings which earlier automatically constrained Thanks to it, the relations with the husband became more confidential as I also wanted! And, of course, it became easier for me with by itself!

One more important result - is similar, I learned to feel winner in a different way! Instead of habitual fight against myself and against circumstances, I in - the first recognize now what happens to me at present (it is admissible, I was tired or I am angry or I fall into a hysterics).

Then I think what I can make at the moment with it? I do. And already then I feel winner - for the fact that I found a way out of a difficult situation. And it is already absolutely other result! Forces considerably increased.

Many thanks for training!!!

Very necessary and timely

Having begun to pass training, you are convinced in practice what is strong and unique support on the difficult way of search of and the happy relations.

And I am sure that your relations with themselves and others will bring you a set of remarkable opening and huge pleasure!