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What do we have to know about a microwave?

In our rough century when all around hurry - hurry, without such useful device as the microwave oven, it is difficult to manage. Perhaps, any piece of household appliances does not cause so many disputes as this faithful house assistant.

The most popular amateurish belief that any food cooked in the microwave oven is saturated with carcinogens and radioactive materials repeatedly was exposed to discussion of physicians and experts in the field of household appliances. After long researches both parties agreed in opinion that the products which passed thermal treatment in a microwave do not constitute any danger to an organism. The last end was put to dispute by World Health Organization.

The principle of cooking by means of microwaves radically differs from usual ways of heating, for example, on a plate, in an oven or on a grill.

We will begin with the fact that microwave radiation cannot be considered radioactive in any way. It is the superfrequency radiation which gave the name to the device - the microwave oven - the furnace. It is only worth speaking about essential danger in case in system there is a certain failure which can lead to microwave leak. Certainly, products will be hopelessly spoiled. In this plan the Russian producers as domestic furnaces are supplied with more reliable protection significantly win, however have no so-called emergency operation at which are disconnected automatically. So, on precautionary measures concerning the microwave oven - radiations it is also necessary to pay special attention. Upon purchase of the furnace check whether the door is densely closed and whether the special setochka capable to reflect radiation is applied on the screen.

Microwave oven degree - radiations is controlled by producers what the certificate of safety confirms. On accepted as in our country, and abroad to the standard degree of radiation is measured at distance of five - six centimeters from a furnace surface. If on such removal the furnace not indicates radioactivity Quality Department authorizes its sending to a distribution network, otherwise the unit is returned on plant.

In the microwave oven - the furnace heat treatment is made from all directions including from within, unlike a traditional way when warmly gradually gets to inside layers of a product through external. Such process allows to keep better vitamins and useful properties of future culinary masterpiece especially as cooking in a miracle - furnaces does not demand use of any fat or even water. For example, the microwave increases safety of vitamin C in food to 75 - 98% (in a usual oven 40 - 62% of vitamin collapse). Besides, there are invariable own aroma and color of products. Let`s notice that that mad amount of cholesterol and carcinogens which are formed in the course of frying of food on a frying pan with oil use in our case is not observed. It turns out that microwaves are ideally suited for preparation of dietary food.

As a notorious spoon of tar it is possible to consider the fact that sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation at all people different. Presently, when the most widespread illness is the allergy, electromagnetic waves can become its reason also. The congestion of such waves in one place creates what experts call an electrosmog, and causes irritability or differences of arterial pressure in especially sensitive people. For prevention these people need to accept vitamins C and E which protect organism cages from mutations and strengthen immune system. And for providing a comfortable state in own kitchen be guided by the simple rule: the distance between the radiating equipment has to be not less than one and a half meters.

As for degree of usefulness of the microwave oven: besides that the food cooked in it is more vitamin-rich also minerals, the unit does not create the traditional kitchen atmosphere with its heat, the child and heavy smells. It is possible to open a door, to check degree of readiness of food, to add new ingredients, without being afraid to lose heat and to break an operating mode of the furnace. Besides, the considerable economy of the electric power as the preparation time of dishes decreases is observed. The last very opportunely if guests unexpectedly appeared suddenly or you catastrophically do not manage to make a dinner to arrival of members of household.

You can use an oven only for heating, a defrosting or cooking of products. The microwave oven without grill of 20 liters will be suitable for such purposes. Such option will suit those hostesses who have a grill and convection are built in a plate, - they buy a microwave only for auxiliary actions. If you like to cook thoroughly and with taste, then you need the microwave oven at least with a grill. It is worth thinking of the furnace of bigger volume because the grill takes a lot of place. Thanks to simultaneous use of the microwave mode and grill all minerals and vitamins remain, dishes turn out evenly propechenny, with an appetizing ruddy crust.

However not only the grill allows to redden food, but also convection which equipped the combined furnaces. For increase in capacity some types of the microwave oven - furnaces have two levels, for example, for preparation of two portions of chicken or two types of pie at once. The furnace with convection will be suitable for those who love the baked dishes and pastries. Besides, existence of convection gives the chance to receive a ruddy crust at thermal treatment of meat and chicken. The built-in fan evenly distributes hot air, helping the pro-furnace dough or to fry thoroughly meat. One more argument in favor of such units consists that the combination of microwaves and convection accelerates cooking process.

The cost of two-member furnaces is much higher, than simple models, but if to use all their functionality, the price will pay off wholly.

Microwave ovens have various internal facing of walls. Most often the covering is made of special strong enamel which does walls equal, depriving of them porosity that significantly simplifies process of their cleaning. Other producers give preference to ceramics - material rather strong which is difficult for scratching. Besides, a ceramic covering smooth so parts of fat and other pollution hardly keep on it. In some models stainless steel is used - it is durable, the thermorack, well looks.

It is necessary to remember that for the microwave oven it is necessary special porcelain or glasswares without the slightest signs of a metal dusting. A thin layer of metal, absorbing microwaves, strongly heats up and spoils not only ware, but also food which can cause severe poisoning.

In the microwave oven process of cooking is carried out due to heating of the water which is contained in products, microwaves cause fluctuations of its molecules, and the friction arising at the same time involves temperature increase. In other words, the food is aloof that is very useful.