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And prediction following...

C 12 till December 24, 2012 will occur an inevitable event: transition of all mankind to other power level of the existence.

Other names of this process: planetary rise of mankind; quantum evolutionary jump; transition in 5 - e measurement. Whatever fantastic this prediction seemed, it is worthy that information directly or indirectly relating to this subject was considered in more detail. Also it is connected with the fact that date of rise coincides with the term of other unique phenomenon in the Universe. It is reported that now the mankind lives during a fleeting moment of time when three space cycles at the same time come to the end. One of them lasted tens of thousands of years, another - hundreds of millions years, and the third - several billion years. And all three cycles will come to the end synchronously at the end of 2012. (Most likely, exact date of this event is specified in a calendar Maya - on December 23, 2012.) Since 2013 each planetary system of our Galaxy has to move to the following higher evolutionary step. Changes have to concern both our Solar system, and the planet Earth. If to trust this information, then now the mankind is on a threshold of wonderful events and does not even suspect about it.

About the shift of a terrestrial axis In 1930 Edgar Keyes predicted the shift of poles of Earth in the winter of 1998. Scientists were interested in this prediction as all prophecies of Keyes came true completely. (12000 prophecies which terms of approach fell on time period till 1970 came true.) Scientists assumed that shifts of geographical and magnetic poles have to happen at the same time and be followed by powerful volcanic activity. Ancient deposits of layers of a lava were investigated. Ferriferous inclusions, having other melting point, than a lava, are guided in the direction of magnetic poles. Thanks to this phenomenon, and also application of the radio-carbon analysis, scientists could define precisely where and when there was a North magnetic Pole during hardening of a lava. It was established that for the last several hundreds of millions of years of a pole hundreds of times were displaced. Sometimes they were just interchanged the position. The North Pole became southern and vice versa. Far back in the past the shift of poles occurred less often, and as approaching the present - a thicket. Before the last shift the North magnetic Pole was on Gavayakh. Its shift occurred nearly 13000 years ago, and previous - 26000 years ago.

As appears from esoteric sources, the following shift of poles has to happen at once after planetary rise or along with it.

We will sum up the result:

In 2012 from December 12 to December 24 there will be an inevitable event: planetary rise - transition of all mankind to other power level of the existence.

Successful transition will be provided by 144000 Brightened-up people. Other people can do nothing at all, and to live as lived earlier. The only thing that is required - it is to create conditions for emergence critical weight Brightened up. (And it is more correct - not to interfere with this process.)

In present time each person lives the last life on Earth. It is desirable that for time of people which remained before rise at least tried to create the Greatest Image of the Highest Idea of himself and would embody this Image in the life.

If by the time of rise the majority of mankind radiates Love frequency, then during transition or after it there will be something unique, something like that that in the Universe never was earlier.