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Than kisses and sex are useful or whether you Love surprises?

As report to

abcnews About surprises. com, a human brain reacts pleasure impulses to unpredictable events. The group of scientists of Emory University and Baylor College of Medicine conducted researches on pleasures. 25 examinees underwent researches: during injection in a mouth of apple juice (or waters) to them scanned a brain by means of a magnetic resonance. Some results were unpredictable. In all cases the area of a brain called by the center of pleasures strongly became more active. This area is usually active when the person uses drugs, alcohol or waits for obtaining the large sum of money. Scientists found out that activity of this kernel is not connected with personal preferences; regardless of that, injected juice or water, the zone was excited equally.

It means that the brain prefers unexpected pleasure to predicted. And, in spite of the fact that the person has certain preferences, the surprise factor is more important for it. Really, which of us does not love surprises?

About kisses

you Like to kiss? However, strange question Which of us does not love kisses? Really, the nature you will not deceive. Scientists from institute of Quincy that in America, by scientific researches defined that it is pleasant to kiss not only, but also it is useful. It is thought that it is the only experiment in the world, participation in which brought to examinees only positive emotions.

So, kisses well influence a dream. If you for a long time kissed before going to bed, then it will come quicker and easier, all troubles which you endured during the day will be forgotten. During kisses there is a stabilization of arterial pressure as the organism relaxes. Kisses help also with improvement of an oral cavity as saliva is intensively produced that prevents caries. And what to speak about increase of resilience of an organism! Kisses help an organism to strengthen immunity to others microbes.

Whether about proximity

are Known by you that touches and an enclasping are very useful to normal work of nervous system? Foreign scientists came to such conclusion recently, investigating this phenomenon on experimental people. And it is unimportant whether you embrace the person of an opposite sex or the friend (friend). An enclasping helps an organism to dump negative emotions.

Doubtfully? And here in the American state of Ohio the administration adopted the resolution: now all again meeting have to under the law (!) to embrace. Probably, local authorities very much are concerned about mental health of the voters, so, that decided to bring legislative base under this business. God forbid these voters will throw out something

About sex

By supervision the Czech scientists came to conclusion that sex can become universal many diseases medicine. Whether it is possible?

During occupations by sex the organism gets rid of pain, despite the strengthened work warmly - vascular system. Back pains, a headache disappear, stomach and intestines pains decrease. Experiment on yourself as soon as something aches, call to the aid the friend (girlfriend) or the husband (wife) rather. You will see that pain begins to recede!

And any excuses supposedly the head hurts or we in the country have no sex!