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Why to study happens so difficult, or Than to help the pupil?

Academic year in the heat. The good objects are set, time flies And some educational problems and difficulties begin to disturb seriously: the unwillingness to do homeworks, unclear dislike for some especially difficult objects, is simple lack of interest in study.

We perfectly remember how ourselves when we were school students, everyone swore the first of September ourselves an oath that this academic year I as will undertake! . And, it seems, incentive to undertake was - a graduation class or desire to overtake Masha behind the next school desk or just desire to prove to itself that I can But for some reason such fuse and fighting spirit was enough, usually, for about two one or three weeks. And further - all as usual: Mothers, the head hurts me Mothers, I, apparently, caught a cold Mothers, there today lessons all not really important It is POSSIBLE I WILL not go? And again - homeworks do not become, lessons are missed on everyones valid to the reasons, and the most favourite days - days off. And less desire to solve some intricate problem on geometry, and there is more and more desire to go for walk with friends, to read some book (of course, not according to the program), to watch TV or just to do nothing. Why it so? Of course, it is possible to scold our education system, too difficult program, or to think up somebody else guilty. But, as a rule, in each class there is a pupil who well understands mathematics, loves chemistry, perfectly writes dictations and in general studies himself in pleasure. How so?

Explanation of this, unfortunately, very widespread problem actually rather simple. When children go to study, they, as a rule, go with huge desire, but do not own skills of how it is necessary to study . What here to be able? - you ask. - Read, remember, write down - study also all! Not absolutely.

You for certain heard a popular belief what to study the third and fourth foreign languages much easier, than the first. It so. Because person, which already once broke through studying of language, on experience developed a certain sequence of actions which leads to assimilation of unknown words in foreign language and to understanding of rules which can strongly differ from rules of the native language and so on. And using such scheme of approach it is easier and easier for it to learn modern languages each time. It has a knowledge of that, AS needs to learn a foreign language.

The secret is that the problems arising in the course of training do not depend about what subject is studied. That is, that you studied, exists a possibility that there will be certain obstacles.

In 1962, after long-term researches in the field of education, the American scientist, the philosopher and the humanist L. Ron Hubbard described these obstacles and ways ooh of elimination. Its opening really of a revolyutsionna, and methods of the solution of the problems arising in the course of training are simple and applicable that is called in house conditions . So it for obstacles and how to fight against them? The L. Ron Hubbard (L.RH) found out that there are certain hindrances and obstacles preventing people to obtain information, and having received, to use successfully in practical activities. After these hindrances and obstacles were found and described, developed as well methods of their elimination. These developments are known as Technology of Training (THAT LRH) now.

If you own technology of training, then you become capable to help yourself or any other person to acquire any subject with the necessary degree of care and with full understanding. It not coaching which is practiced by many usual tutors. In Applied Education there are special teachers - tutors - proyasnitel of words. These are the people who are specially trained in technology of training (THAT LRH) who are capable to restore knowledge of any subject so that further the person will not need the additional help. He will be able to understand a subject and independently to develop in this area. He can even independently develop something new or make discovery (as already it happened in the history). And such result is really excellent training.